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  • Homeopathic sources

    Rules of admission of homeopathic medicines The substances used in homeopathy, happenonly from natural sources, as opposed to traditional medicine preparations. The vast majority of this botanical sources, although sometimes used minerals and animal extracts. More than 60% of homeopathic medications - over 2,000 titles - are made from plant material, including flowers, vegetables, tree bark, roots, berries, fruits, buds and seeds. Others are made from naturally occurring minerals, including metals, non-metallic substances and mineral salts. Some preparations were obtained from unusual sources, such as from snake venom, or some insects (bees, spiders).
    The most common granular form of homeopathic remedies.

    Terms of taking the drugs.

    Pellets - are small balls, pills, ortablets made from pure lactose or sucrose with lactose, which are impregnated with a drug. They can not take your hands, place the contents of the jars in the cap of a bottle or a clean spoon and then put in your mouth. Then you will be assured of the purity of the drug. This is very important in such doses as those used in homeopathy.
    It is necessary to eliminate bad breath, especially coffee and tobacco smoke.

    It is better not to take the drug directly to themeal or after a meal. The general rule: to take at least half an hour before meals or one hour after eating. To prevent neutralization of the drug in the digestive tract, allow pellet to dissolve in the mouth and not swallow or chew it.

    Do not take those drugs immediately beforeusing a flavored toothpaste or gargle or thereafter - wait for at least half an hour. If the two drugs are assigned, never take them at the same time, only one.

    Keep medications from prolonged heat andbright light. Homeopathic remedies should be stored in a cool, dry, dark place, away from strong odors. Do not store them in the refrigerator: drugs deteriorate from moisture and odors. Do not store near open preparations perfume or fragrances (spices, etc.) are not exposed to electromagnetic fields (TV, computer). If you are traveling, make sure that the drugs did not pass through the security screening devices: X-ray or magnetic detectors.

    In the case of severe course of illness drugsIt can be taken every half hour or an hour, depending on the severity of the condition. If the desired results are achieved - stop taking the drug (do not try to empty a bottle). If a homeopathic remedy used excessively for a long time, it may, in the end, cause the same symptoms, which is designed against. These funds catalyze the defense mechanism of the body, and when their work is done, you need to stop taking or change others.

    Security preparations.

    Any of us, at any time may requiremedication, so the question of the safety of drugs without significance. Homeopathic remedies contain such small amounts of the substances that they are safe and do not cause poisoning. Although there may be a slight worsening of symptoms as a result of the principle of "treating like with like", it is not related to undesirable side effects. Subject to the instructions on the doses have not registered a single case of poisoning associated with homeopathic remedies. Furthermore, homeopathic remedies, unlike chemical drugs are not addictive and are safe for children of any age. They can be used together with other drugs without worrying about compatibility.

    How to get a homeopathic treatment?

    Because homeopathic remedies is quiteare safe, they are suitable for independent use and are usually sold in specialized pharmacies. If you need expert help should be directed to a good homeopath.

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