A healthy thyroid gland without surgery and hormones!


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  • You will Homeopathy

    I have 20 years working homeopath, I have accumulated a lot of experience of homeopathic treatment, and a doctorate in this field.

    Each patient who has addressed to me forhelp, I will spend a full CT scan of the whole body. I just need it for the proper selection of homeopathic remedies and appointing an individual treatment regimen.

    Me as a doctor is very concerned about the fact that 70%patients who came to the reception the first time I discover a thyroid disease. Think about those numbers - stark statistics! thyroid pathology diagnosed me immediately confirmed by other physical examination: ultrasound data and laboratory techniques.

    After learning about the newly discovered nodes, cysts, goiter,diffuse lesions of the thyroid gland, many patients immediately panic: "What do we do now? Go under the surgeon's scalpel? Immediately start taking hormones? How to be? "

    I always try to calm the distressed patient: "Do not worry, you are just at the reception of a specialist who can surely help you! Because homeopathy - it is an area of ​​medicine, which is the power to heal even the already very "long-standing" thyroid disease, not to mention the recently started process "!

    A healthy thyroid gland without surgery and hormones!
    I touched this subject, not only for what woulddraw your attention - homeopathy copes with various diseases of the thyroid gland, but mainly in order to emphasize that, as a topical today the dry figures of statistical analysis - the defeat of the thyroid gland various pathological processes is rapidly forging ahead as compared to the incidence of other organs and body systems !

    This card is completely spoiled for mankindenvironment for the rapid pace of life, full of stress, with the wide spread of harmful refined food, for frivolous attitude to enough for the body to use with food and water iodine compounds.

    I therefore call on every person, evenconsiders himself completely healthy (and in fact, we understand you: absolute health does not happen through a simple and absolutely harmless test procedure: hold thyroid ultrasound examination In identifying any pathology must pass laboratory blood for thyroid hormones - T3 and T4 on. the pituitary hormone that also works in the thyroid gland -. TTG upon detection of an ultrasound diffuse (nonnodal) thyroid lesions makes sense except hormones to donate blood, and for the detection of antibodies, and if the results are different from the norm -.!, contact the experts I mean not only endocrinologists, but be sure to homeopaths!

    And I also want to draw your attention: nowadays very grown percentage incidence of thyroid cancer in children from a very early age. Especially it is necessary to be mindful of parents, so-called "negative" - ​​depleted natural iodine or polluted areas.

    What changes in state of health which alarm "bells" can tell you that an urgent need to check the thyroid?

    When conditions associated with increased production ofthyroid hormone (hyperthyroidism or thyrotoxicosis) patients begin to disturb the heart, excessive sweating, tremors, double vision or a feeling of "sand" in the eyes (in advanced disease - proptosis - protrusion of the eyeballs). Changing and the psychological state of man: he becomes irritable, aggressive, bad sleeping, gets tired easily. Markedly reduced libido and potency. In women, the menstrual cycle is disrupted. Fluctuating weight: reduced, and sometimes even increased.

    When conditions associated with a decrease in productionthyroid hormone (hypothyroidism) in patients develop weakness and fatigue, loss of memory, libido, potency. In women, the menstrual cycle is disrupted. Develops dry skin, brittle and dull nails, the hair falls out. Very often the disease begins with increased swelling of the face, hands and feet, increased blood cholesterol, poor sleep, blood pressure fluctuations, various heart rhythm disturbances or outages feeling heart. It is characterized by the gradual development of a depressive state. Frequent companions hypothyroidism - constipation. Body weight is usually increased.

    In conclusion, I want to stress once again: homeopathic treatment - that it is the treatment that is better than all other modern medical techniques fully normalizes the thyroid gland! Only with the help of tailor-made to you at the reception of the good expert homeopathic medicines can be 90% to avoid an imminent operation or receiving hormones! The positive results of such treatment is objectively recorded in the US, a special computer examination and T3 hormone level normalization, T4 and TSH and antibodies.

    The purpose of this article is to help you realize - the state of the thyroid gland plays an important role in maintaining your health, determine the quality of your life!

    Cheers and happy long life depends on you!

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