That the Chinese is good, then we - quarrel?


  • Needles in law
  • Sees eye,
    Yes, tooth Neumet
  • By the way about medicines

  • — So that some method can be used in Russia, he
    must be officially registered. As well as any doctor,
    Having prepared in another state, must confirm its
    qualifications and get permission to work, — Says Alexey Karpeev, General Director of the FNCEC traditional methods of diagnosis and treatment.
    — No traditional Chinese medicine doctor has the opportunity
    get a formal permission to work in Russia because it can not
    Confirm your diploma, — Equivalent education in Russia is not.

    That the Chinese is good, then us & mdash; Quantity?
    The question is usually solved in this way: the center opens,
    It turns out a license for a certain type of activity on our,
    Russian, doctors, and then the Chinese come to this center and
    We receive reception. And no one thinks that this is, first, violation
    the law, and secondly, often quarrel, because under the guise
    Professors receiving people who do not have higher education«.
    One such «doctor» He treated the patient from osteochondrosis. Patient Deli
    Thief of an unknown Chinese drug. Two weeks after
    The start of the procedures, she died from the bruboral inflammation of the lungs. She was 41

    Needles in law

    From the methods of traditional Chinese medicine (TKM) in our country for a long time and
    Successfully used only reflexotherapy. Diagnostics by language,
    Pulse diagnostics, Chinese wellness gymnastics, Chinese
    phytotherapy — All this in the study stage. Sorry because now tkm
    For the whole world is very attractive primarily its

    About the effectiveness of traditional Chinese medicine we can still
    judged mainly by Badam (biologically active additives), which we have
    Take numbers. By the way, if there were no food additives, in Russia now
    It would have been a much larger amount of Chinese

    But registration of funds like a dietary supplement significantly
    cheaper than medicine, because of what ordinary suffer again
    consumer — catch among the products of the products that really
    help, and separate them from useless and falsified extremely
    hard. If you want to somehow secure yourself, be sure
    See whether the drug or additives has a state registration —
    This is evidence that the supplement is safe and quite effective.

    Sees eye,
    Yes, tooth Neumet

    — When medicine
    more than 5 millennia, sin does not take advantage of its achievements. Not
    So our academic science is still all compound to reject
    Established by other medicine systems, — Says Alexey Karpeev. — IN
    Small in Switzerland works about 150 Chinese
    doctors. But there is a tough system of control of doctors, there accept
    truly knowledgeable specialists.

    It would be nice to cook our doctors TKM. In several universities
    Create specialized groups that would go to China on
    Preparation. I hope for years after 2-3 we will come to these decisions.

    Traditional Chinese medicine in Russia is now very advertised,
    Some it is called «System XXI century». This, of course, exaggeration,
    She is not a panacea, but a good, good-quality numbish system, which is necessary
    use, especially now when we have such a hypothe
    Diseases under which it helps very well. It is definitely,
    It is necessary to introduce, but weighted and wise, taking in this regard an example from those
    same Chinese«.

    By the way about medicines

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