Some aspects refleksodiagnostiki and reflexology


Any disease does not begin immediately withmorphological changes in the organs and with the primary hidden disorders in the body. This functional impairment, which may persist when the short, and when a very long time before the disease.

These violations exist completely unnoticed,as the body copes with them due to its compensatory possibilities. And only then, when dried or compensatory possibilities, or exposure to too much - only the stage of compensation of violations goes into decompensation stage, there are organic changes and the person begins to feel the first symptoms of the disease, although he considered himself completely healthy.

Some aspects refleksodiagnostiki and reflexologyThese functional disorders are energycharacter. Acupuncture involves the use in the treatment effect on acupuncture points, which are located on meridians. And acupuncture points and meridians - energy concept, rather than morphological. And so just at acupuncturists have a great opportunity to engage in a treatment effect on functional disorders, which are the causative mechanisms of morphological changes in organs. And there are no effect without a cause. Thus, acupuncture can prevent the appearance of clinical disease. Moreover, even if the patients are not treated with medication, acupuncture and use, it is still possible to achieve clinical improvement due to the fact that they will eliminate the causes of functional disorders in the body.

It is known that the various organs and systemsthe body associated with certain areas of the skin, called acupuncture points. These points immediately with the appearance of the slightest variations in the body's systems and organs due to the so-called meridional bonds begin to react to these changes, and at the stage of functional disorders, long before the appearance of organic change.

This reaction acupuncture points appears inchanging a magnitude of the magnetic field, temperature, electrical resistance, the rate of biochemical reactions in the cell composition and their size. After zone Zakharyin-Ged - is in most cases nothing but how to increase and merged acupuncture points at far come irregularities in the body. In this connection, it is possible by measuring, suppose electrodermal resistance or temperature, in certain acupuncture points, to identify changes in the body at the stage of functional disorders. Virtually none of the clinical diagnostic method to such a degree does not allow it.

Some aspects refleksodiagnostiki and reflexologyEach energy system and the authority associated with hisa group of acupuncture points, which include the so-called representative points that are the most accurate information about your system. That and their use in diagnostic procedures. A misconception is this conclusion that by examining only a few points, it is possible to judge the state of all organs and body systems. The authors of this concept is said to conduct rapid diagnosis, giving extensive conclusions about the state of health of the minimum number of indicators.

No diagnostics should not be carried outExpress-method, because it depends on the raw data results of surveys and from him already, and the effectiveness of treatment. The fact that the diagnosis of a variety of human diseases can be put not only on the basis of organic changes in the body that are identified during the various clinical examinations or clarifying the complaints of the patient, but also on the basis of functional disorders, was discovered by R. Dubois in 1857. Then, the functional dependence of the acupuncture points of the body systems became engaged in IR Tarhanov - 1889; VY Chagovets - 1903; S. Weidman - 1956.

Further examination of this question (AK Podshibyakin - 1952-1960; I. Nakatani - 1958; AI Nechushkin - 1973; FG Portnov; P. Nogier; R. Voll; I. Brother, etc.) made it possible to develop and adopt various electronic diagnostic techniques. In 1988, one of the electronic diagnostic methods was approved by the Third Main Directorate of the Ministry of Health of the USSR and the USSR Ministry of Defence and used by our astronauts in flight.

Studies have shown that differentorgans and systems associated with the acupuncture points of the skin by a complex network of energy channels, numbering several dozen (151), and any minimal change in the body through the system of channels at once reflected on the state of the acupuncture points.

In the body, there are primary and secondarypower system. The main system consists of the main (12) and supply (12) meridians. In the secondary, which stands on the protection of the main system and lies at a different depth, includes protective skin (tendon-muscle - 12), protective muscle (12), the lead-out-coupling (18), protective inner (special - 12) Lo-channels (27), the wonderful vessels (hereditary-controlling - 8), cross-protective (Shu-Mo - 12), the energy-accumulating (sea - 4), the endocrine system (12), the windows of heaven (10).

Moreover, through certain acupuncture pointsare several meridians. For example, the point P-7 (Le tsyue) is the point of the main meridian of the lungs, the starting point and the longitudinal and transverse Lo Lung meridian, the point-key wonderful vessel Ren May. Another example: the point MC-5 (Jian-shi) is the point of the main meridian of the pericardium, point Jing supply channel pericardium, point-metal supply channel of the pericardium, the point group hand Yin Yin Lo wonderful vessels item Wei Zhong Mai and May.

Some aspects refleksodiagnostiki and reflexologyThus, through a single point, taking it intoCombined with various other points, it is possible to examine several energy systems. It also becomes clear that no chemicals or other methods (pulse current, magnetic field, and the infrared laser radiation, etc.) and can not be adequately guaranteed influence on acupuncture points (due to the fact that in many of them at a different depth passes several power systems), but to an acupuncture needle.

Adding other energy systems (nervous Meridiandegeneration meridian and parenchymal epithelial degeneration, skin meridians, etc.) is a departure from traditional concepts of reflexology that developed hundreds of the leading specialists for several millennia. There is also no mention of how much of acupuncture points located on these meridians other.

Before you can create something "new", it should beexplore all what has been done previously. Then it's "new" invention will be built on a solid scientific foundation. Otherwise, this "new" or at odds with traditional concepts, or it stands alone and is not connected with the classical knowledge. Moreover, it is unclear how this "new" interacts with the traditional systems and vice versa, as affected by the traditional systems of this "new". Yes, and when the diagnosis made for dry skin point electrode, the electrode of the pressure forces depend on the resistance of the skin and the arrow indicators measuring device is deflected by different amounts.

Thus, such a "diagnostic" and "selection"drugs for the treatment, in which slightly changing electrode pressure on the skin, simply demonstrates the focus, nothing in common with medical examination. When you ask these "diagnosticians" strengthen the skin point electrode to provide a rubber clamp electrode force constant pressure on the skin - they are under various pretexts, always refuse to do so. In an interview with such "diagnosticians", none of them does not deny the existence in the human body there are different rhythms with their periods of activity and downs. But somehow, in their "diagnosis" norm value is the same for all people, and every day of the year.

From the above it is clear thatby diagnostic programs that are not based on classic traditional concepts of Oriental medicine for the full picture of the body's energy systems, using them give large errors in the diagnostic results, and do not reflect the true picture of the disorders in the body.

The first functional disorders in the bodyfirst appear in the secondary power system is in the form of excess or insufficient amount of energy to them, and if it is unable to compensate for disturbances, the only change then appears in the main power system. Therefore, early diagnosis is necessary to examine not only the main meridians and feed, but also all the secondary power system of an organism. A violation in the secondary system can be significantly higher, since it is represented by a large number of meridians. And if you do not take account of these violations, the diagnosis becomes unreliable, and follow-up treatment is not effective, which in turn discredits himself reflexology method.

Unfortunately, the vast majoritydiagnostic methods do not inspect the secondary power system. When balancing the power system is critical not only calculation of their energonapolneniya how much energy the circulation rate determination: whether the energy in them in circulation mode or in stagnation mode.

According to the rules of acupuncture, energy system,located in energoizbytka state should slow down. What is possible, for example, to inhibit the meridian is in excess in energy stagnation mode? Effect none at all will not be - standing energy can slow down even more. It is the energy of the first to translate the meridian of stagnation regime in circulation mode, and only then reduce its amount. Similarly, should do in the case of lack of energy in the meridian. This is the fundamental rule, unfortunately, almost none of refleksoterapevtov does not comply. And it was from him performance efficiency of procedures depends mainly.

Some textbooks on acupuncture,drawn up on the basis of ancient Chinese writings, it is written that the shortage or excess energy in the meridian of the need to act, respectively, on the tonic or sedative point, and to enhance the effect, you can add and point-source. This interpretation - a misunderstanding translator energoregulyatsii mechanism of acupuncture.

Point-source should not be used forgain exposure to the main point, and in the case when the energy in the meridian has been stagnant, at first it it is necessary to act as a point source (giving rise to energy movement), for the transfer of stagnation in the state of the circulation of energy, and then use tonic or sedative point, increasing or decreasing the amount of energy in the meridian.

Some aspects refleksodiagnostiki and reflexologyIt is for this reason that the patient 2-3there is a worsening of procedures: the crowded energy meridian, for a transfer of energy from the state of stagnation in the circulation state, to 2-3 procedure even more full of energy, and that entails a worsening of the disease. Subsequently, the recovered energy conductivity drastically reduces the surplus and the patient feels better health.

Also, almost all textbooks on acupuncturetheoretical part begins with a description of the principles of power: the existence of Yin and Yang energy; any breach of health is characterized by varying degrees of imbalance of these two energies; the existence of the theory of five elements, the interaction between them, in particular, can be described by the law of the mother-son, grandfather-grandson, etc. etc. At the end of the textbook completely forgotten that it was described at the beginning, and lists of clinical diagnoses (having nothing to do with energy disturbances, described at the beginning) and recipes acupuncture points, which are recommended to use for the treatment of these diseases.

That is, first, when it comes totreatment - immediately there is a sharp departure from traditional representations to the European principles; vo-vtoryh, it affirms the principle of treatment is the patient, and the disease (since the same recipes for the treatment of points kakogo-libo disease is recommended for all patients), which contradicts one of the fundamental principles of medicine: "Treat the patient, not the disease."

In ancient Chinese literature, also foundrecipes acupuncture points, but immediately clarifies what changes can be made energy, providing some effect via each point, and how it will affect the course of a particular disease in a patient. In this case, your doctor may himself, knowing what effect is achieved by exposure to the listed terms, select the point prescription for a specific patient from the presented list of points.

Any clinician, when he was at the receptionthe patient comes, in order to make a diagnosis and prescribe treatment, primarily patient directs the survey. Moreover, the urologist uses urological examination methods, a cardiologist - cardiology, etc. And, for example, none of the urologist does not make the diagnosis based on cardiac examination methods. Therefore, if a reflexologist, before starting treatment, will carry out diagnostics, built on the basis of the concepts of acupuncture, not diagnoses by doctors clinical specialties, they will significantly improve the effectiveness of their treatment.

As a result, diagnostic reflexologist,first of all important to know a picture energonapolneniya various energy systems of the body and the speed of circulation of energy, rather than clinical diagnosis, as it will work in the first place, by equalizing the energy balance of the body's systems by the method of acupuncture. No pills or chemicals not even a violation of the energy balance, as well as the meter can not measure the smell of roses. For violations of the energy in the body for the treatment can be effectively applied only appropriate methods of power influence. And if you run diagnostics on the energy level, and then to act by physical methods, the effect (except psychotherapy) to receive fail due to the fact that the impact of inadequate methods identified violations.

Sometimes some patients can hear aphrase: "Come spend me his diagnosis and see if you guess all my diseases." This shows a complete misunderstanding of the electronic methods of diagnostics, revealing not only the organic changes, but also functional disorders. Computer diagnosis will always be a much broader and more informative than clinical diagnosis. Therefore it is impossible to verify the authenticity of electronic methods of diagnosis based on clinical examinations. Also, it is clear that when the doctor-reflexologist in their advertising lists a set of clinical conditions for which he "specializes" in the treatment, it is said that he has no idea what is involved.

Some aspects refleksodiagnostiki and reflexologyAll of these meridians are interconnected inunified energy system of the human body. On individual meridians in the power system can be affected by certain rules through the relevant acupuncture points. These rules are varied and this diversity is necessary in order to be able to use different methods to eliminate the same disturbances in power systems, if one of the selected methods can worsen the other power systems.

Therefore, an occupational therapist must know notonly the structure of all the energy systems of the body, but also how they relate to each other and all the rules of exposure to them. This will comply with one of the fundamental principles of medicine: "Do no harm." Therefore, in the process recipe selection impacts on any system should take into account adverse effects on other systems, and avoid them. To do this, you must first eliminate the violations in the systems reactive side effects, and only then deal with the treatment of the initially selected systems. Thus, we will not allow the emergence of various kinds of relapses during treatment.

Furthermore. Man - a creature biorythmological. In the body of his work daily, monthly, annual and other biorhythms. And in the algorithm for calculating the results of the survey it is necessary to take account of these biorhythms, thereby increasing the reliability of the result. So, for example, - if you take a normal EEG sleep and waking the person, for the sleeping person will be the norm in a state of sleep EEG, and to awake - awake. If, however, in the waking state the person will sleep electroencephalogram - then this is a rough pathology.

As is known, processes are Biorhythmologicalsinusoidal. Condition excess of anything once smoothly enters fault condition. But this transition can not take place through the equilibrium point, or normal. Therefore, even a primitive diagnostic tools and techniques error is the fact that when the diagnosis of pathological changes on the acupuncture point is held at the time of the transition energy of the excess in the lack (or vice versa) in the equilibrium zone, it is possible to make the erroneous conclusion that there are no changes have been identified. One way to protect yourself from such errors is a process control in addition to the main point of the study is still 1-2 and combined with her extra points.

In such a group of combined pointsBiorhythmological changes in each of them, can not absolutely occur synchronously. And even the normal levels in the main study point, when there are changes in the combined points, give us every right to speak about the presence of abnormalities in the system. Disregard this leads not only to reduce the reliability of diagnosis, but also to the fact that the doctor considering the system healthy, did not affect it. And since all the systems in the body are connected to each other (ie, an excess of energy in one, be sure to have a lack of energy in other systems associated with it), the doctor sees the illogical scheme of disorders in the body and the subsequent adjustments to other systems become unmanageable and meaningless .

It is also a fundamental principle in the treatment ofReflexology is the principle of compliance with certain sequence of actions in the treatment process technology. You can not act on the acupuncture points of a particular recipe selected in any order. Treat each subsequent point should be with the understanding that we get from the effects of the previous point and what changes in the body consistently we can get. This is done to ensure that these changes could not be realized from scratch (but only because we want it), and is already prepared soil.

Due to the fact that the main power grid arethroughout the human body (while keeping their data points), and only some of them have branches in the ear, to the iris of the eye, it is not possible to adequately and reliably carry out electronic diagnosis on the basis of measurement points only ear, or only a few areas of the body (foot, hand and frontal mounds), or just studying the morphological structure of the iris. In these methods of diagnosis left unattended most of the body's energy systems and the treatment effect is reduced.

For this reason, treatment of needles, usingpoint, for example, only the pinna, not the whole body, gives a less pronounced effect. Logically not competent in one diagnostic examination use and electronic diagnostic methods (tapping energy state) and tests, questionnaires, which is responsible he examinee (revealing a subjective characterization of organic disorders in the body), so how is it complete mess that we have identified and it is not clear what rules it all to work - whether at the functional disorders of energy, whether in the organic change.

Affects only organic changesalways less effective due to the fact that they remain intact because of functional impairments, which are subsequently re-emergence of the same cause organic changes. In the course of treatment can not stop on a one-time survey, and should be repeated several times diagnostics for orientation, first, of the correctness of the chosen methods of action, and secondly, to verify that our methods of influence on improving the state selected for the impact of energy systems at the same time, will not impair the state of other body systems.

Some aspects refleksodiagnostiki and reflexologyFurthermore, we all know that in the human bodycertain times of day are activated or that the acupuncture points. It is believed that the change of active points occurs every two hours. In fact, only on the day of the vernal and autumnal equinox is true. In the summer, when daylight much more a night time activity points during the day for more than two hours, and at night - less than two hours. Moreover, the day and not a linear function is active during the night, and geometric.

Shifts in time activity (as compared to thethe same two hour period) during the summer and winter solstices make, depending on the latitude, sometimes more than an hour. Ignorance of this during acupuncture treatments leads to bezeffektivnosti impact. Since none of the known diagnostic methods it is impossible to inspect all of the extensive network of power grids, it is necessary either to use simultaneously several diagnostic methods, each of which allows you to explore a number of systems or diagnose complex method.

Such complex techniques igloterapevticheskoydiagnostics already exist. I have created a diagnostic software package "Workstation-physician reflexologist reflexology 5.3", which includes 12 diagnostic techniques with calculations algorithms that take into account the above biorhythms; the ability to select the optimum individual prescription of acupuncture points, depending on the results of a survey the individual patient with the possibility of monitoring the status of other systems; It has an extensive background material, including the Atlas of acupuncture points, acupuncture encyclopedia of materials, works of ancient Chinese doctors, the various tables and graphs; It provides unlimited storage size database of patients with everyday records of the procedures and received more; also minimized the information recording process, so it facilitates the work of physicians.

The software package has accoladesMedical Department Head - Deputy Chairman of the Health Committee of Moscow Mr. Plavunova NF from 02.06.97 № 23-18 with recommendations for health care institutions to address the issue of acquisition of the program for use in medical practice. The Federal Institute for certification and evaluation of intellectual property and business on the software product certificate number issued 97PP067 on 05/09/97.

The Russian Agency for Patents and TrademarksOffice (Rospatent), the software has received the Certificate number 2000610330 dated 24 April 2000. In the State Register of databases, this program was registered 16.05.2000 № 6172. 11 July 2000 the Committee on New Medical Technology under the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation has given a positive opinion on the development and the use of this set of diagnostic programs.

For the development of modern electronic methodsdiagnostic and implementation of new, previously never used diagnostic principles, I was awarded the Silver Medal of the Paul Ehrlich from the German Union of Explorers of nature and society, the Silver Medal of the V. X-ray from the European Academy of Natural Sciences and a silver medal named after academician IP Pavlova from the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences.

For scientific contributions to medicine, I was accepted into the ranks of the International Knights' Union, and the European University has awarded the title of Honorary Professor.

Some aspects refleksodiagnostiki and reflexologyIf you use the integrated diagnosticmethods among a large segment of the population, they are regularly held four times a year, without waiting for the arrival of the patients themselves to doctors, by the same token, we can focus on identifying, in most cases of functional disorders and their subsequent elimination. After all, the main direction of medicine - prevention. Much easier to regularly remove small changes in the body, than to treat already running an organic pathology. And most profitable doctor does not look for it every day more and more new patients for diagnosis and follow-up treatment, and to engage in long-term regular medical observation and treatment of any one group of the population, ie be a family doctor.

This doctor is better to know their patients andeffectiveness of treatment had higher than that of "stray professionals." Different categories of doctors has long been noticed the presence of psychosomatic diseases, ie those diseases that arise from an unhealthy state of mind. When the patient is constantly annoyed nevrotizirovan, aggressive, jealous, in a word - spiritually depleted, it is more and more seriously ill. Therefore it is very important to present the doctor to engage not only the treatment of various disorders in the body, and gently persuade his patient to spiritual perfection. Without this doctor work will be piecemeal. This doctor must itself must be spiritually developed person.

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