Many know that communication with dolphins for children and adults is useful and even hebly. After all, we are part of nature, so the correct interaction with it can improve us.

There are even a section of medicine, called dolphinotherapy, dealing with clarifying in practice, from where dolphins are taken to treatment, as the positive effect from bathing with dolphins is achieved. Our site decided to tell your readers more about it.

How to treat dolphins?

Dolphinotherapy, Dolphins, Treatment, Therapy

Let us ask yourself - why exactly dolphins often began to use in medicine, psychotherapy? It is easily explained by their peculiarities of behavior, for example, inevitable, curiosity, easy learning, friendliness in relation to people, increased interest in them. Third place belongs to Dolphins in the list of the smartest animals on our planet. Dolphins are well developed cerebral bark. When communicating «Large fish» Use a huge number of sounds that resemble a trill, screeching, washed, roar, moan, howl, crackling, blow, sickness, cotton, roar. Since the time of antiquity, traditions are preserved, testifying that dolphins can help suffering mental illness to return to society. Some supernatural and magical properties have been attributed to dolphins. Therefore, people are already waiting to meet with dolphins in advance, from any contact with them a miracle, healing. In essence, dolphinotherapy develops from a comprehensive impact on the human body. It has been established that the dolphins emit ultrasound waves, a child or an adult, who is in the pool in the pool to communicate, swimming, movement, games, is a non-verbal exchange of information. As a result, a person receives such positive emotions and the psychological effect, which even the most modern drugs and doctors can give. In medicine, ultrasound treatment is called phonoforesis or sonoforesis. Ultrasound acts not on organs and tissues, but directly on the cells of the body. Natural ultrasound waves of different intensity emanating from dolphins, much more useful mechanical, instrument. Such an impact removes pain, accelerates fluid wets in tissues. Dolphin himself determines when he send a echolocation beam on the skull when - on the spine. Animals These sociable, sensitive, kind, strong, are able to assist at the right moment. Therefore, when you find with them a person occurs so much the feeling of protection, the wrong psychological installations are destroyed by the person who formed in humans. Dolphin serves as a reflexotherapist, touching certain points on the human body, while the nerve impulses are transmitted to the necessary nervous centers, and the nervous system will respond to patients with the command to self-healing. In addition, being in an aquatic environment contributes to the creation of favorable conditions for the muscles training, removes the burden on the joints. Dolphins participating in the medical process, first tame, study according to a special program, pass social adaptation. The program of classes for each patient is developed individually, given its condition and diagnosis. Dolphinotherapy centers are in the Krasnodar Territory (Lazarevskoye), Evpatoria (Crimea), Anapa, Alushta, Sevastopol, Moscow, Israel, Florida. Minimal need to pass 10 sessions. The cost of one such session is from 50 to 200 dollars. Children who have a certificate of disability are provided with significant discounts.

Use of dolphinotherapy

Dolphinotherapy, Dolphins, Treatment, Therapy

All over the world, dolphinotherapy is recommended for the following diagnoses and disorders:

  • autism, Down syndrome, mental delay;
  • cerebral paralysis (including cerebral palsy);
  • Failure to eat (diseases call nervous Anorexia);
  • chronic fatigue, weakness, depression;
  • hypotension, Distonia, hydrocephalus;
  • problems with hearing, speech, memory and concentration of attention;
  • stuttering, logoneurosis;
  • Mental injuries, various phobias, enuresis;
  • traumatic violations;
  • neurosensory touginess;
  • hyperactivity, behavioral violations in children;
  • Chronic pain.

Are there any contraindications?

Our site warns your readers that the method of delphinotherapy doctors do not advise to apply if a person has:

  • epilepsy;
  • acutely occurring infectious processes;
  • heart defects, heart failure;
  • Some skin diseases.

What do dolphins love?

Dolphinotherapy, Dolphins, Treatment, Therapy

It should be remembered and warn children in front of sessions that Dolphins do not like:

  • When they are trying to stuff their fingers in the hole, located on the head, they breathe through it;
  • If they climb into their mouths, teeth touch their hands;
  • If they touch their ears and eyes;
  • When the child is imposed, insists on contact, and Dolphin is trying to sail at that time.

Experts believe that the child's sessions, which is not yet four years old, is early, since such a child is not ready yet «big fish» perceive as a positive, it may turn out more harm than good. Pregnant women are allowed to communicate with dolphins only with the peel of the oceanarium or dolphinarium.

If you decide to undergo dolphinotherapy, then to achieve the best results, you should adhere to the following rules:

  1. Communication with natural lamp should be regular.
  2. Follow the program and his advice developed by the dolphinotherapist.
  3. It is advisable to combine communication with dolphins with other methods of treatment, for example, with freezing, vibroaccoustic exposure, psychotherapy, kinesotherapy, gymnastics, massage.
  4. Sometimes in front of dolphinotherapy requires permission and recommendations from the endocrinologist, neurologist, therapist, psychologist.

Many studies have already been conducted in the world, which confirmed that dolphinotherapy courses have a positive effect on the psychological and physiological state of children and adults. The success of dolphinotherapy depends on the establishment of close contact and communication with the dolphin, the patient's effort, the duration of the course, the help of an experienced psychotherapist-instructor, the preparation of animals to such work, the interest of the parents of the child and help him during treatment and after the course.

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