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  • Starvation. Stages of fasting
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  • Types of fasting

    Proponents claim any kind of fasting thattheir system is not designed for any there banal weight loss, and for the recovery and purification of the whole body. Weight loss - a side effect of this painful but enlightening event.

    Starvation. Stages of fasting

    First, the body a little surprised - why isnobody feeds. In the mode of surprise he could survive for 12 to 24 hours - so it lacks a reserve stock of carbohydrates. Then it begins to part with nutrient reserves.

    In the next few days, it becomes starvingirritable, sensitive to food odors may be difficult to sleep. Some serve as consolation is that the weight of these days may be reduced almost two kilograms a day. Alas, it comes not fat and glycogen and excess moisture, cleaned intestines. Fat is easy to fade does not want to. To part with him will have to go a few more rounds golodatelnogo hell.

    Fasting, the types of fasting The most difficult stage in terms of health - isacidotic crisis, coming on 5-10 day fasting (depending on the individual response of the organism). At this stage, the body tries to synthesize glucose through oxidation of fats. But, unfortunately, incomplete oxidation. That is, fats can not become hungry water and carbon dioxide, and toxic compounds in acetone, aldehydes and acids.

    During the acidotic crisis haveto experience for yourself all the signs of poisoning: nausea, dizziness, weakness in the whole body. Slightly comfort can only be what acidotic crisis will end quickly, and from that moment begins the body's power at the expense of domestic reserves. That is, the true fasting.

    After the acidotic crisis life gets betterlife becomes more fun. In starving mood improves, disappears bad breath, lethargy passes. Now the main thing - do not overdo it with self-restraint.

    By starving the body is necessary to accustom gradually. For beginners, experts advise to start with one day. If they penetrated the essence of the process, and you like it - you can start fasting until acidotic crisis: from 4 to 10 days. That is, until it becomes a chore. Next fasting should include acidotic crisis and take about two weeks.

    And finally, the final stage - for aces -prolonged fasting 20 days. Their life is calculated according to the internal reserves. That is, if you have accumulated preizryadno fat reserves, the twenty days could be enough.

    Once again: no history of short-term fasting, to undertake long - dangerous for health!

    How to "get out" of starvation

    For beginners mistakenly think that in fastingthe main thing - "to stand day, yes night to hold out." In fact, the most important input and output of the process. This preparation of the body to function in the form of starvation - and vice versa: adaptation to the existence of well-fed in the usual mode. The most important thing (it is also the most difficult) - a gradual transition back and forth.

    Nothing pleasant, believe me, you is not going to happen,If after two weeks you are fasting to celebrate immediately natreskaetes sausages. A similar behavior has ruined many of the blockade, taken from Leningrad on the Road of Life: pounce on the bread and the pair veal, many of them died. The fact that the digestive tract becomes hungry skill of processing a large volume of food.

    Reverse mistake to glamorous young lady, after eating chops and cakes, and decided to "starve tomorrow." The body to them for this "thank you" will not tell.

    To come in: to smoothly enter into starvation, a few days need to drink fruit juices and eat vegetables, meat and fat - to exclude.

    Go out: to come out of fasting, is a day to devote to drinking juices and then start full life with mild carbohydrate foods, after some time, to complement its proteins, and in the last instance - fats.

    Types of fasting

    Species starvation - like dogs nerezanyh. Many of them proudly wear the name of the author. Fasting "Bragg", "by Shelton", "Malakhov on", "at Nikolaev," "on Voitovich". Just want to warn you: if you liked any method of "light", Polyubopytstvuyte to start, if he has at least some medical or science education. And even better - to consult with your doctor: it is a lot of contraindications for this or that kind of fasting.

    Dry fasting (it is absolute). When no food, no water in the body is not fed. Accordingly, the dry fasting is very important preparatory period, which should last at least a week. During this time, from the diet excludes all animal foods, sweet and fatty. The very dry fasting lasts from 3 to 5 days, plus a week should be put on the output from the process.

    I must say that, despite all thewellness delights of dry fasting (including cleansing and tissue and organ regeneration and rejuvenation of the skin), to it there is an impressive list of contraindications. Here and ulcers, varices, and liver disease, and endocrine disorders.

    Other fasting can be amateurish to call "wet". There is still impossible, but drinking water is not precluded. It is on this wet field grazing large number golodatelnyh gurus who insist on their understanding of the process.

    Fasting Bragg - 7-10 day fasting not limited amount of water. Moreover, the water must be distilled - they say, it is better to cleanse the body. During fasting welcome an active life, and are not welcome enema.

    Fasting for Shelton - full (20 days) fasting on water (only when thirsty). During fasting, the body has to rest. Shelton as Bragg, the use of enemas.

    Fasting for Malakhov - with fasting preliminary cleansing the body (liver,kidney, lymph). During fasting, it is desirable to use an enema with natural urine or evaporated. And more move. At Malakhov recommendations on the impact of moon phases on starving.

    Fasting for Nikolaev - long-term (20-21-day), fastingstationary conditions under medical supervision. In addition to water for the starving Nikolaev is not forbidden to drink the infusion of rose hips. Accordingly, any "water tricks" or tincture - on schedule and in limited quantities.

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