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    Cryotherapy - this treatment is an artificial cold, causing stress condition of the body,
    actively influence the regulation of metabolism, formation of necessary hormones,
    improvement of blood circulation, and of all processes in the human body, which makes it possible
    long stay healthy, young and beautiful.

    Even our ancestors laid the foundation for cryotherapy, they took ice baths
    for rejuvenation. Modern methods of cryotherapy also involve exposure to inert
    nitrogen gas or air cooled to ultralow temperature - 150-190ºS. Cryotherapy
    divided into general and local.

    What is cryotherapy
    Cryotherapy is performed in a special cryochamber, where the skin for 2-3 minutes exposed
    thermal stress, is not damaged. Cryotherapy involves full
    partial immersion or nudity in the gaseous medium at a temperature of 110 -
    160 S. limbs and respiratory protection from frostbite - wear wool
    socks and gloves and cotton-gauze mask. Cryotherapy has wellness
    and rejuvenating effect on the whole body.

    This effect is based on the change in vascular activity - the initial spasm
    small arteries replaced expressed their expansion, which leads to active hyperemia,
    wherein the length - from 1 to 3 hours. The result - increased heat production
    and nutrition of the skin tissue and internal organs, stimulation of the heart
    and blood vessels, facilitating venous drainage. All of this really helps rehabilitation after
    injuries of the musculoskeletal system and surgical interventions, diseases
    spine, inflammatory and metabolic diseases of the joints, with many skin

    Due to the enhanced heat transfer cryotherapy contributes to weight loss.
    Procedures common
    Cryotherapy is not accompanied by side effects. But contraindicated in severe conditions such as myocardial infarction and cerebral strokes, high
    degree of hypertension and heart failure, and some others.
    And, of course, if you are hypersensitive to cold.

    Cryotherapy is used in cosmetic purposes, based on the use of liquid nitrogen.
    Liquid nitrogen is a transparent liquid, colorless and odorless exerting
    strong therapeutic effect on the tissue. Depending on the procedure, in some
    cases, freezing causes the death of tissue, in the other a narrowing of the blood
    vessels with subsequent expansion of capillaries, which greatly enhances the influx
    the blood to the site of exposure, thereby improving nutrition of tissues. Masks,
    wraps, injections, conducted after the sessions of cryotherapy, have increased
    effect that greatly helps in the treatment of obesity and cellulite.

    Forms of cryotherapy

    Cryospray For several decades, it is used to remove warts,
    moles, warts, senile keratosis, hypertrophic scars and acne.
    It is in this case achieve tissue destruction by deep freezing removed
    neoplasms - held prolonged exposure liquid nitrogen, more than 30 seconds,
    under slight pressure. Within 40-60 seconds after freezing appears hyperemia
    and swelling, and, after a few hours, or formed epidermialny bubble, or immediately
    thick crust, which a few days later rejected, leaving a barely noticeable
    pink spot. If you need more than a superficial effect on the skin, liquid
    Nitrogen is applied briefly, 10-15 seconds, as cryomassage. Cosmetic
    Cryomassage carried out with a cotton swab on wooden stick which is dipped
    in a thermos of liquid nitrogen, and rolled on the massage lines or locally on problematic
    region. Held Cryomassage even skin of the scalp for the treatment of some
    forms of alopecia. Comb the hair and combed parallel partings swab
    The liquid nitrogen is conducted fast rotational movement.

    More effective use of modern cryogenic gas jet directed
    using a special device for individual areas of the body. such krioapplikator
    is a tube and the reservoir for liquid nitrogen with replaceable metal
    nozzles of various configurations.

    cryomassage most actively used in skin rejuvenation programs of facial and body treatments. New word
    the local application of cold - kriopiling and krioelektroforez. The essence of the latter
    procedure - in charge of the deep layers of the skin of frozen products, selected
    depending on the nature of skin problems, by pulsating current. effect
    cryomassage cosmetic and other treatments of cold is to reduce wrinkles,
    prevention of sagging skin, restoring elasticity and shape breasts, and deliverance
    of fat.

    Cryosauna - A new trend in the field of cosmetology, used to treat or hardening.
    The special apparatus the patient is enveloped in a low-temperature gas. This procedure
    It helps to cope with stress, cellulite, and many other diseases. Region
    Applications: body as a whole, except for the head and neck.

    Wearing woolen mittens and socks, the patient comes in kriokabinu serving
    dry cold mixture of nitrogen and air to shoulder level. After 15 seconds, inside the cab
    set temperature - 130C-140C.

    Contraindications to use are:
    • acute infectious diseases
    • tuberculosis
    • diabetes
    • cardio - vascular insufficiency

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