Gironotherapy with varicose veins


Gironotherapy with varicose veinsVaricose veins — Disease of almost every fifth
man, but more often they suffer from women aged 20-50 years. The disease is developing
As a result of disruption of velvet velves, providing an upward current
venous blood. It is believed that the cause is hereditary weakness
valve apparatus, and states accompanied by increased pressure in veins
lower limbs, such as pregnancy or fixed work. How to treat varicose veins? Try

To an uneven increase in the lumen of the veins and the formation of zones
The protrusion leads a violation of the outflow of venous blood. At the beginning of the disease on
The leggings and hips are noticeable expanded convolutions, and only
Long load on the legs begins to disturb the increased fatigue
Affected limb, gravity, feeling of itching and burning. At this stage,
Maybe Varicose treatment without surgery.

Over time, varicose veins gradually progresses. On the
Extended veins begin to perform nodes, skin becomes blue and dry.
Permanent severity and cutting in the foot are not allowed to live and work. Not Treat varicose — So sooner or later
Get thrombophlebit. Inside the extended, damaged veins, on the background of stagnation
blood rods are formed, blocking the clearance of the vessel. Vienna even more
stretched, inflamed, the skin becomes a crimson-blue, appear
Strong pain in the leg, the body temperature rises.

Varicose proceedings with exacerbations, and the state of the veins becomes
Extraly crying. Blood impairment leads to the skin
The limbs begins to atrophy, ulcers appear. Treatment of varicose veins without surgery becomes problematic.

How to treat varicose veins
without surgery? One of
Alternative methods of treatment of varicose varicose Hirudotherapy — treatment Medical leeches. Medical leech
It has long been applied to clinical bloodletting, about the hicultopias wrote more
Avicenna and Hippocrat.

Hirudotherapy — This treatment Blooding. Healing
The effect of hirudotherapy develops from reflex exposure to biologically
active points of the body, mechanical removal of stagnant blood and lymphatic
liquids. Sucked leech after bite allocates patient special in the blood
substances that prevent its coagulation, causing bleeding, thereby
eliminating venous stagnation and improving blood circulation in the tissues. Blood pressure B
extended veins decreases, swelling starts to fall, weakens the severity and
The feeling of cutting in the leg goes pain.

Together by S «saliva» leeches in blood flow biologically
Active substances that reduce blood coagulation preventing education
and stimulating thrombus destruction. Thanks to their action restores
The permeability of the walls of blood vessels, in the affected area significantly
The blood circulation and nutrition of the tissues improves, excess fluid is displayed, decreases

Hirudotherapy — This
Similar acupuncture. It is believed that leeches are solely solely
in biologically active points used in Chinese and Tibetan medicine
point massage and needleflexotherapy. Thus, the body gets reflex
impulses affecting various organs and systems, harmonizing and
restoring their coherent work contributing to the effective fight against

Well Hirudotherapy
With varicose veins
— it is 6-7 healing sessions, repeat which recommended
2-3 times a year. Against the background of treatment, a resistant cosmetic effect is noted:
The affected area becomes «alive», elastic, its color improves,
The peeling stops. Small wreaths fall apart, and large vessels, before
Cutting on the surface of the skin with ugly convolves harms, become less

Hirudotherapy for
should be considered as a method of prevention and treatment. But
It is possible to apply it only in specialized conditions. Leeches should be
Grown in sterility — This prevents infection and provides
Security of the procedure. And of course, only in the skillful hands of a professional
Leech is able to work wonders, high qualifications of the hirudotherapist
Guarantees the effect of treatment.

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