From flowing rivers of milk


From flowing rivers of milk
From flowing rivers of milkToday, the lack of breast milk in youngMom became a completely normal, all the usual problems - such as tooth decay or overweight. A situation where the child is not enough breast milk, began to be perceived norm for this: they say, well done, poor environment, poor diet ... But even our grandmother with lack of milk is almost never encountered!

Lactation consultants recommend immediatelyYou often put the baby to the breast. This recommendation is absolutely true, because only sucking stimulates the production of prolactin - a hormone that is responsible for the amount of milk. But in all cases, there is enough of some frequent nursing to establish lactation? Practice shows that this is not always working. Let's see what are the important factors affect the mother's milk supply, and how we can help ourselves to establish breastfeeding to everyone's satisfaction.

  • Put your baby to the breast at its requestreally important. After all, the child's body gets a signal to milk production. With the active sucking my mother produced a sufficient amount of the hormone prolactin and milk come as much as the baby needs. Especially important are the nightly feeding.
  • Along with the presence of breast milk for successfulFeeding is very important good his flight. Simply put, the milk should be easy to follow and does not stagnate in the gland. Improve outflow makes a hot drink and a hot shower right before feeding, physical therapy, special massage of the back and neck and neck area, which improves haemo- and lymph flow.
  • Let's not forget about the importance of nutritionMom and her normal amount of sleep. Get enough sleep with the baby - is not a utopia, it suffices to take him to his night feeds and get hours of sleep during the day if night's sleep did not succeed.
  • The fourth important point that mothersoften underestimated - the general level of health and immunity, which after birth can be far not on top! The woman, who has not recovered after the birth, which has exacerbated chronic diseases, only in rare cases can be successfully breastfeeding mother. Her body's just no strength lactation! After pregnancy and childbirth - a big load, comparable to major surgery, after which need a long recovery period. And it is in this post-natal recovery period can and should help themselves.

From flowing rivers of milkSince we breastfeed, useIt can only be natural, safe products for him. Fortunately, nature has taken care about it, long before the appearance of clinical pharmacology. There are a number of naturally occurring adaptogens that help make the recovery period is shorter and easier. One of the best natural adaptogens is royal jelly - apilak.

Amazing substance similar in compositionthe female colostrum apilak - it's a secret glands of worker bees, which is prepared as food for the larvae of the future of the uterus. The uterus - the most important member of the bee community, the future of the hive, and the bees are given to the best of the uterus growth. Apilak contain 10 vitamins, including all group B, 5 minerals, a wide range of trace elements, 23 amino acids, including the essential and weight of biologically active substances. Its composition is studied by 95% and has no equal. But scientists still believe that the unique action apilaka lies in the composition of the 5% that is not submitted to the science ...

Royal jelly acts on several fronts at once:

  • It tones the whole body, gently excites the nerve centers, making it look more positive in the world;
  • Removes constant drowsiness, improves mood;
  • It helps relieve vascular spasms, improves blood circulation;
  • It improves appetite, endurance, activates its own immunity;
  • It has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antiviral effects;
  • Fills deficit on vitamins, minerals, trace elements and amino acids.

ApilakWhat follows from this is especially true for nursing mothers? Perhaps, it's complex! Admission apilaka helps to cope with the symptoms of postpartum blues and relieves the effects of lack of sleep; improves mood; It protects the mother against infections and viruses. Separately want to say about his spasmolytic and improves blood circulation effect: it makes it so effective apilak the shortage of milk. Expansion of the milk ducts leading to the active tide of milk glands and improves its outflow: because milk ducts subject to the same physiological laws as the blood vessels.

From flowing rivers of milkRoyal jelly is so positive influenceslactation, did not notice it is simply impossible. Measurements of the amount of milk in lactating mothers indicated that taking "Apilak Grindeks" for 2 weeks improves lactation 1.5 times compared to other means laktogonnymi. Already at 3-4 day reception of milk, which sucks the child at a feeding, increased by 30-60 ml, and in individual cases - up to 120 ml. In addition, improving the quality of life of mother, her mood, general health, non-specific immunity.

You can easily see this, if youra pair of "mother-baby" problem of insufficient milk. Two-time reception apilaka a day for two weeks to help you cope with the situation without loss. Taking "Apilak Grindeks", remember three simple rules:

  • the drug does not need to be taken at night because of its tonic effect;
  • "Apilak Grindeks" should dissolve under the tongue and not swallow: a method of use for maximum efficiency;
  • should be particularly attentive to the skin of the baby, if someone in
    your family meet allergy.

"Apilak Grindeks" wishes you a pleasant and easy breastfeeding!
From flowing rivers of milk

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