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  • Royal Milk: Properties
  • Mastechnic Milk: Application
  • Royal Milk: Contraindications

  • & laquo; Miracle Medicine & Raquo; - beeteric milkDo you know why the bee uterus, at the very beginning of his
    development is no different from other bees, it grows twice as much as
    Working bee and lives up to 6 years, while her workers sisters die
    After 30-35 days? The difference is that the larva of bee uterus is growing and
    develops «Bathing» in Royal milk
    — Pchland
    unique biologically active nutrient fluid,
    providing the future continuing of the genus all the necessary substances.

    Royal Milk — The most valuable product of beekeeping, which was previously attributed to miraculous
    Healing and rejuvenating properties. Today to the healing properties Royal milk, of this bee dara,
    relate more soberly, however, highly appreciating his common,
    Nourishing, immunostimulating effect.

    Pchele Motoic
    It is produced in the maxillary and silence glands of bees-kormilitz,
    carefully filling large cells, in shape resembling acorn, in which
    There is a growing bee-uterus, valuable nutrient fluid. Royal Milk — Initially, whitening translucent Cashier, then
    Acquires a matte-yellowish tint, sour taste and a specific smell.
    Collection of this bee product is very laborious, only a few weeks in
    year than actually the high cost of drugs manufactured
    On his basis.

    Milk: Properties

    Royal Milk
    It has a unique composition, including proteins, carbohydrates, fats. It
    contains 22 amino acids, group vitamins, ascorbic, nicotine and
    Folic acid, biotin. The product is rich in microelements and among them — iron,
    magnesium, sulfur, manganese, chrome, calcium, zinc, cobalt, silicon, phosphorus, silver.

    Compound Music
    and its properties allow you to widely use the product in
    Preventive and therapeutic purposes, to increase the immune protection of the body. Royal Milk
    and its drugs remove fatigue, nervous tension, increase
    efficiency and vital tone, resistance to infections, improve sleep,
    Memory and general health contribute to the normalization and activation of exchange
    Processes. Muffin Milk Bee
    has the ability to remove vessel spasms, normalizes pressure, improves
    lactation in nursing mothers, with external use of beneficially affects
    Skin condition.

    Oxy-decene acid, which is part of this product
    Beekeeping, has anti-cancer, antimicrobial and bactericidal
    action, delays growth and kills streptococci, staphylococci and even
    tuberculous chopstick.

    Royal Milk:

    Royal Milk
    most often used as a unique prophylactic agent. TO
    Example, in Japan, a well-known life expectancy, Royal Milk It is recommended to take
    elderly people as a rejuvenating agent, strengthening the body in
    Overall, schoolchildren get his dose daily in the form of additives to the diet
    To improve growth, strengthen immunity, improving learning productivity.

    Application Music
    allows you to strengthen the resistance to stress and avoid
    Overwork during tense physical and mental loads, shifts
    climatic conditions, time zones, it is prescribed during epidemics,
    Spring hypovitaminosis.

    Vitamin C complex, which is part of the milk, beneficial
    affects the work of the nervous system and helps to cope with the manifestations of the vegetual-vascular
    dystonia, depression, neurosis. There is data on its effectiveness at vascular and
    Inflammatory diseases of the brain, mental disorders,
    Headache, improving blood pressure.

    Milk ability to reduce cholesterol in blood and
    Improve metabolic processes in myocardium used in prevention and therapy
    angina, hypertension, arrhythmia. Besides, Muffin Milk Bee finds use in the treatment of cancer
    Diseases, tuberculosis, salmonellosis, viral infections and diabetes.

    Royal Milk:

    Application Music
    Milk is contraindicated
    in the illness of Addison, acute infectious
    diseases, pathology of adrenal and intolerance to the components of products

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