How to recognize the vibration disease


    The manifestation of vibration disease

    How to recognize the vibration diseaseSymptoms of the disease develop vibrationgradually. First appearing on the pain in the hands or feet, paresthesia (sensitivity change, chills, tingling), cramps in the fingers, chill. From early common symptoms of the disease is characterized by symptoms of general neuroticism: irritability, insomnia, mood variability. Characterized polinevroticheskie (irritated nerve endings) and angiodistonicheskie (violation of vascular tone, the regulation of vascular tone) symptoms. Man begins to torment the attacks of painful numbness in the fingers, after cooling, for example, after washing your hands in cold water. Then there are infringements of pain, temperature, vibration sensitivity. There is decrease in the sensitivity of the type of socks and gloves (gipoesteziya).

    There are 4 stages of vibration disease:

    • I-I: malosimptomno, elementary. Dominated by minor pain and paresthesia (adjustable sensitivity) in the hands with light sensitivity disorder (tingling, tingling, discomfort when hand washing with cold water);
    • II-I: Stage moderately severe changes including the CNS (central nervous system);
    • III-I: stage denominated vasomotor (regulation of vascular tone) and trophic (food fabrics) changes, noticeable changes in the CNS (central nervous system, possible irritability, headache, dizziness);
    • IV-I: Stage sharply pronounced symptoms when suffering vse body.


    Treatment of the disease is based on the vibrationan integrated approach to the use of vasodilators, improve microcirculation, vitamins, massage and other physical treatments, particularly hydrotherapy. Displaying a spa treatment in a warm climate.

    How to protect against vibration

    How to recognize the vibration diseasePrevention of adverse effects of vibration on thebody includes activities organizational and technical, sanitary and medical-preventive. Organizational and technical measures are to establish machinery to the safe vibration characteristics in vibrorabot automation. The hygienic and prophylactic measures include restriction on age - not less than 18 years, the limit on working time - no more than 2/3 of the shift time. Labour Organization - work intermittently, the air temperature during operation should be less than 160 FROM. Be sure to conduct preliminary and periodic examinations of persons exposed to vibratory loads, work only healthy people are at work. They should be encouraged individual set of special exercises, self-massage at the end of the working day (shift), water treatments. Food fortification is desirable. It is necessary to promote and implement personal protection from vibration: anti-vibration gloves, cap, shoes.

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