How to treat the missing voice


Kak_lechit_propavshij_golosThe problem of the missing voice most familiarpeople whose work is connected with overexertion of the vocal cords. These include teachers, doctors, actors and singers. In most cases, people find that they have lost his voice, in the morning on waking. In this state, a person sometimes difficult to even speak in a whisper. Sore throat is not always accompanied by loss of voice. In addition to the congestion of the vocal cords cause of this condition can become and the restriction of viral and bacterial infections (laryngitis, pharyngitis and tonsillitis).

If no voice or hoarse against the background of dry cough andsore throat, then the probable cause of this phenomenon has become common cold or laryngitis. Laryngitis is accompanied by inflammation of the mucous membranes of the larynx, and it entails the difficulty of voice speech activity. The main reasons for the loss of voice are:

  • viral infections and bacterial nature;
  • Overload of the vocal cords;
  • the use of hot or cold drinks, spicy foods;
  • chemical toxic effect on the ligaments;
  • severe stress and neuroses.

Return missing voice help otolaryngologist and popular treatments.

Precautions for loss of voice

If you lose your voice, try not to strainligaments and not talk. Remember that whisper carried by a strong tension of the vocal cords than in ordinary speech. If a smoker's voice lost, it will have to overcome their desires and abandon, at least temporarily of a bad habit. Mouth breathing is very negative effect on the vocal cords and the respiratory tract as a whole: in this infection breath easily penetrates into the body. Breathing through the nose provides a heating and humidifying the incoming oxygen.

Voice loss will affect your diet: if you want to get better soon, then do not use very hot and very cold, eliminate carbonated beverages. Eat foods without causing mucosal irritation. Do not drink alcohol, coffee and tea during the treatment of the missing vote.

How to recover a lost voice

How to recover a lost voiceTreatment of missing voice depends onthe reasons which led to this state. If the voice was gone because of severe stress, the treatment plan will include the use of sedatives and antidepressants. Among the medicines in a pharmacy can find sprays, syrups and candies for the restoration of voting. Recovering lost voice is calm and warming the vocal cords. For warming You can wrap the neck scarf. If in addition to the loss of voting observed pain on swallowing, then the best choice is a glass of warm milk with a spoon of butter and honey. This mixture is gently envelops, warms and relieves inflammation of the mucous membrane of the throat with. If laryngitis to help to restore a variety of voices come expectorant drugs. If the missing voice is the result of a cold, by extraordinary means should add antiviral drugs.

In the treatment of the missing voice activity of the therapies used. The following tools and procedures are most common:

  • mustard foot bath;
  • gargle beetroot juice: a glass of juice with a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar 9%;
  • warmed, but not hot milk (100 g) with dissolved therein egg yolk, which should be drunk in small sips;
  • steam the garlic;
  • inhalation with eucalyptus oil.

Before starting treatment, find out the reason why the voice was gone.

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