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  • Of course, to open something new in this area is almost impossible, and therefore we will try to briefly summarize the experience gained.
    As in any other sport, in tennis, a wide variety of injuries are possible, but most of them are on those who are characteristic of this game.

    Tennis and Health & Mdash; Recommendations of doctorsAlways need to remember: every time leaving the court for training or to a responsible meeting, do not forget to do at least a light workout to bring muscles and bundles in «working condition».

    The weakest tennis player, his «Achilles fifth» is elbow. In 1873. English Runge Surgeon described a professional disease «Tennis elbow», which is characteristic of people of many professions (carpenters, musicians, typists and others.), daily making monotonous movements with a load on the wrist muscles and forearm. The consequence of permanent microtrase is the appearance of pain in the elbow.

    According to sports doctors, the pain in the elbow in tennis players are more often a consequence of technician failure, an incorrectly selected racket. In other reasons, insufficient workout attention is noted before the main load and individual anatomy-physiological feature of the joint.

    At the first appearances, stop the game, attach the cold and impose a dense bandage at the forearm.

    If the pain arose in a crucial moment of the match, then frost chloroethyl and tight bandage will take pain, but this is not a guarantee that it will not happen in the coming days. It is better to postpone the racket for 2-3 weeks.

    Find the cause

    After the first manifestation of pain, try to find her true reason:

    Pay attention to the execution technique, especially from the rebound. Take the ball exactly the middle of the string surface. If the techniques are not enough, do not regret money for several lessons with a coach. Try to diversify your technical «arsenal» — monotonous movements «favorite techniques», lead to overvoltage of muscles and brush ligaments and forearm.

    Do not forget about a good warm-up before each yield to the court, especially in cold weather. Carefully knead the elbow joint.

    Consider finally to your racket: if your «weapon» You do not «by hand», say goodbye to him and get more convenient. If the rocket handle is too narrow, it is enough to add an excess layer of leather winding. Not bad to have on strings and vibration. All victims from «Tennis elbow» We advise you to play a racket with a softer stretch string.

    Exercises for muscle strengthening and brush ligaments

    From the first steps in the process of advocacy training, tennis players pay special attention to the exercises aimed at strengthening muscles and ligaments to brush, which makes injuries to brush relatively rare. In tennis, it is necessary to have a strong brush for reflecting powerful innings and applying strongest strikes.
    And at first, the tolerable pains in the brushes may appear, which without treatment are becoming more stronger, delivering suffering athletes.
    Below are the advice of leading sports physicians:

    Never play with pain in the brush. At the very first symptoms of stretching — The pain during rotation or when fixing in a certain position, novaya, over time, fooling pain after the game — It should be refracted from entering the court until the disking sensation disappears.

    Workout brushes Before the game will allow you to prepare a joint to the loads and prevent injury. Mind the joint with energetic rotational movements 10-15 times clockwise and as much as counterclockwise.

    Constantly strengthen the strength of the brush. Press the tennis ball in the palm of the palm — It's hard to find an exercise more efficiently and easier.

    Improve the technique of strikes.
    Be especially careful in cool weather, when muscles and bundles are quickly losing heat.

    Warm baths and lightweight massages are able to remove pain in a few days

    If the pain does not pass within four or five days, you need to consult a doctor.

    Preventive measures

    Tennis and Health & Mdash; Recommendations of doctorsIn his book «How to win tennis» The genus Leiver, noting the troubles, tuning tennis players, writes:

    Blisters on heels and on hand holding a racket, bring a lot of concern. Best Preventive Foot Measure — two pairs of socks to reduce friction.

    • Special gloves, similar to golf gloves - protect your hand from damage and help to keep the racket, if your hands sweat.
    • The wristband is well protecting the brush hands from sweat flowing on the handle of the racket.

    Tennis player shoes should be light, durable and comfortable. Tennis player clothing must be made of quick-drying fabric that does not require special care.

    In conclusion, it is necessary to bring the opinion of the cosmetologist. No doubt that the player on the court should look like a good actor on stage. But after exposure to sunlight, wind, dust, the penetrated sweat, care is needed, especially behind the open areas of the skin. Of course, each athlete has its own type of skin, but we give general recommendations.

    • It is necessary before reaching the court to use creams containing vitamins A, C and E. They activate skin resistance.
    • To avoid skin irritation under the influence of sweat and dust, take a thermos thermos with chilled grasses from herbs: chamomiles, sage, cleanliness. In case of emergency — Ruhar cold tea. In the breaks between the game wipe the face, the body with a towel moistened in the cooked liquid.
    • I want to warn: wash your hair with shampoo or soap after each game or workout — madness. Thus, you will drain the roots, injure the bulbs and, believe me, risks. Take advantage of a terry towel moistened with the brave of the same herbs.
    • Fatigue and itching Stop well remove herbal baths from chamomile or oak bark. After you break down the feet, soften them with cream.

    Perhaps this is the minimum of the Tennis players required.

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