How to recognize vibration disease


    Manifestation of vibration disease

    How to recognize vibration diseaseSymptoms of vibration disease develop gradually. First appear on pain in brushes or footsteps, paresthesia (change in sensitivity, goosebumps, tingling), cramps in the fingers, zray. From the early general manifestations of the disease are characterized by symptoms of general neuroticization: irritability, implantation, mood variability. Characterized by polyneurotic (irritation of nervous endings) and angodistonic (violation of the tone of vessels, regulation of vessel tone) symptoms. A person begins to torment the attacks of painful numbness of the fingers after cooling, for example, after washing hands in cold water. Then there are impaired pain, temperature, vibration sensitivity. There is a decrease in the sensitivity of the type of socks and gloves (hypoesthesia).

    4 stages of development of vibration disease are distinguished:

    • I - I: Malosymptomic, initial. Minor pain and paresthesia (modified sensitivity) in hand with light sensitivity disorders (goosebumps, tingling, unpleasant feeling when washing hands with cold water);
    • II: Stage of moderately pronounced changes including the central nervous system);
    • III - I: the stage of pronounced vasomotor (regulation of the tone of vessels) and trophic (nutrition of tissues) of changes, noticeable shifts in the central nervous system (central nervous system, may be irritable, migraine, dizziness);
    • IV - I: stage of sharply pronounced symptoms when all the organism suffers.


    Treatment of vibration disease is based on a comprehensive approach using vasodinating, improving microcirculation, vitamin preparations, massage, other physiotherapy, especially hydrotherapy. Sanatorium-resort treatment in the field of warm climate.

    How to protect against vibration

    How to recognize vibration diseasePrevention of the harmful effects of vibration on the body includes events of organizational and technical, hygienic and medical and preventive nature. Organizational and technical measures are to create machines and mechanisms with safe vibration characteristics, in automation of vibration. Hygienic and medical and preventive measures include an age limit - not younger than 18 years, restriction on work time - no more than 2/3 of the work shift time. Labor organization - working with interruptions, air temperature during operation should be at least +160 WITH. It is necessary to carry out preliminary and periodic inspections of persons subjected to vibration trucks, only healthy people can work in production. They need to recommend individual complexes of special gymnastics, self-massage at the end of the working day (shift), water procedures. The vitaminization of food is desirable. It is necessary to promote and introduce individual means of protection against vibration: vibration mittens, nozzles, shoes.

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