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    BSESelf-examination techniques include examining dairyglands in front of the mirror, palpation of the mammary glands in a standing and lying position. It is recommended for women over 20 years of age once every 2 to 4 weeks. The most convenient thing is to do this on the same day of the menstrual cycle, after the bath.

    Examination of the mammary glands is performed in goodlight, standing in front of a mirror, in three positions: arms down, lifted up his head, on his belt. It is necessary to establish, not whether there were pathological signs: retraction or bulging areas of the skin, retraction or rejection towards the nipple, shortening or distortion radius of the areola (the pigmented part of the skin around the nipple), change the size and the usual form of one of the mammary glands, yellowish or bloody discharge from the teat, brown, wetting or ulceration on the nipple, redness, irritation and swelling of the skin of the mammary glands.

    Palpation of the breast is made instanding or lying on your back. It is better to spend samooschupyvanie in the supine position, with the pectoral muscles relax, in the breast can be more clearly find the seal. Under the survey blade side can put a small pillow or cushion, so that half of the chest has been slightly raised. A study carried out in those provisions: the hand with the survey raised hand up behind his head to the side, along the body. Carefully and gently overtures each breast portion fingertips of the opposite hand. Please check the outer half, starting from the nipple and moving outwards and upwards. It then examines the inner half, starting from the nipple and moving inward toward the sternum and the top down. When probing determine whether and seal assemblies in mammary tissue. Furthermore, moderate squeezing between the fingers of the areola and nipple, should determine whether there is discharge from the nipple. And recent overtures armpits, over-and subclavian areas to reveal enlarged lymph nodes.

    If you found something

    What to do if you found something?

    Do not be put off by feeling for the seal, they can benatural character to appear in a woman's breast for a week before menstruation. At this time, the breast increases, heavier, you may be a pain, and it can be felt small bumps, similar to orange granules. It's swollen breasts, and they go away once menstruation begins.

    The appearance of the seals in the mammary gland can beassociated with the increase in breast tissue by the action of the hormone estrogen. This may be so-called fibroadenoma and fibrocystic breast disease. Usually, they are not dangerous and have a tendency to degenerate into cancer is not more than the breast tissue itself, but must be examined in order to exclude certain cancers.

    Suspected cancer occurs when the followingDistinguishing features: suddenly appeared seals are often more dense than others, and sometimes still; nipple retraction or deviation from the normal position; discharge or leakage of blood from the nipple; increase in regional lymph nodes (axillary, over-and subclavian). If any of these symptoms should seek medical attention. Do not expect that change will take place by themselves. The doctor himself examines the seal and, if anything will cause him doubt - will send you to a specialist for consultation.

    If it seems suspicious to a specialist, hewill conduct a thorough examination, including taking a biopsy (if feasible) and may advise you to remove it. Such an operation should be carried out very quickly. After a histological examination of the distance education, you will be given the final diagnosis regarding the nature of the tumor. Four out of five tumors are completely safe.

    Even if the tumor is malignant would be atearly detection of cancer, many surgeons do not see the need for complete removal of the breast. Typically, the survey also remove one or more lymph nodes under the arm, to make sure that the disease does not spread further. If everything is in order, then simply remove the tumor in the breast, and then carry out a course of radiotherapy.

    Timely access to a doctor (as soon as youfound the seal) - it is a chance for full recovery and to avoid the operation with which any woman so hard to reconcile both psychologically and emotionally.

    If the doctor decides that the removal of the breast -this is the only way out for you, do not be discouraged, and ask them to discuss with you all details of the operation. Surgeons are sensitive to such fear and anxiety and be able to dispel most of them. You can also talk to someone from the women who have already had such an operation, it will give you confidence. Prostheses (artificial breast), which you can wear after a mastectomy, have a very good quality, not noticeable under clothing, and some can even be worn under a swimsuit.

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