Early detection of precancerous gastric diseases


Early detection of precancerous gastric diseasesStomach cancer It ranks second in Russia among malignanttumors of various localizations. This disease is most often found in persons over 50 years, although the described cases of a young age, even in children. In men, stomach cancer occurs in 2 times more often than women. Early diagnosis (ie, asymptomatic stage) significantly increases the probability of a positive long-term prognosis for the patient.

You can select three ways early diagnosis gastric cancer:

  • screening tests;
  • holding each gastropically study oncological alertness;
  • selection of high-risk groups and dispensary observation.

By precancerous conditions (diseases) are:
a) chronic gastritis with atrophy and intestinal metaplasia;
b) polyps;
c) pernicious (B12) anemia;
g) infection of Helicobacter pylori;
d) gastric ulcer.

The key problem is the prevention of gastric cancer treatment Helicobacter pylori infection. The main goal is to treat all infected individuals, although this practice is not yet widespread. refer the patient to a risk group atrophic gastritis and those who has cancer and precancerous lesions already existed before.

gastratrophia considered the most common cause of stomach cancer. Under atrophy understand the loss of normalgastric glands, which is accompanied by violation of the secretory function and physiology of the gastric mucosa. Corpus atrophy leads to low secretion of hydrochloric acid, while the atrophic changes in the antral stomach lead to violations of secretion of gastrin-17 ( "Hormone produced by the parietal cells"). Atrophy of glands accompanied by a change in the atrophic changes in the mucosa, which cease to secrete hydrochloric acid and gastrin-17 and acquire the properties of large and small intestine glands. With the progression of atrophy increases the risk of stomach cancer.

Reducing the production of hydrochloric acid creates a breeding ground for bacteria, that can produce mutagenic (modified) and carcinogenic (tumor-inducing) substances.

Early diagnosis and treatment - an effective strategy to achieve the best results and the prevention of gastric cancer. The study of biomarkers - effective method for the diagnosis of atrophic gastritis. "GastroPanel" - one of the most efficient and modern method of diagnosis of atrophic gastritis. The tests are part of: enzyme immunoassay determination of IgG antibodies to H.pylori, The definition of gastrin 17 levels of pepsinogen I and pepsinogen II in the blood serum are perfectly combined with each other, forming a diagnostic panel.

When such complaints as abdominal pain,heartburn, belching (air or smell of "rotten" eggs), bloating, you should consult a doctor and get advice. Do not delay visiting the doctor-gastroenterologist, and do not run your illness!

Early detection of precancerous gastric diseases

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