Hemangioma: treatment


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Hemangioma: treatment

Surgical treatment of hemangiomas is shown atdeep-seated vascular tumors that can be removed entirely hemangioma, within healthy tissue, without significant damage to the cosmetic. The operational treatment of hemangiomas and should be used in those cases where the use of other treatment methods appears clearly inefficient.

Radiation therapy to be a hemangioma complicatedlocalizations, especially tumors such areas where other treatments can not be used, for example, the area of ​​the orbit. Radiation therapy is also indicated for simple hemangiomas large area.

Irradiation is carried out by individual fractions at intervals of 2-4 weeks to 2-6 months.

Diatermoelektrokoagulyatsii subject to only small, dot hemangiomas in cases where the tumor is located in areas that are inaccessible to other treatments.

Bleeding can be considered as an indication for electrocautery. Electrocoagulation extensive and deep hemangiomas do not apply.

Sclerosing treatment is indicated with small,deeply located vascular tumors of difficult localization, particularly in the treatment of small cavernous hemangiomas and combined face and the tip of the nose.

For sclerosis used 70% alcohol or other drugs.

The disadvantages of sclerotherapy arepain and duration of treatment. The advantage of injection therapy over other conservative methods of treatment lies in its simplicity, which makes this method particularly valuable.

One of the new methods of treatment of extensive hemangiomasintegument in children is lechenie.Gormonalnoe hormonal treatment is prednisone. Hormone therapy is quite effective treatment of hemangiomas, but its efficiency at high (98%) of the desired cosmetic result is almost impossible to achieve. This method is perfectly stops the growth of vascular tumors. Hormone therapy is no longer independent, and auxiliary treatment.

The use of low-temperature impact. Cryogenic treatment of hemangiomas are subject to all the simple small area, any location.

Indications for microwave cryogenic methodtreatment is the presence of cavernous hemangiomas and combined with pronounced subcutaneous part, more often - complex localization that can not be or difficult to treat in other ways. The technique of microwave cryoablation is quite simple, it is carried out on an outpatient basis and does not require anesthesia. Area hemangioma irradiated microwave field followed immediately cryodestruction.

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