How to treat skin tumors


    How to treat skin tumorsThere are several ways to remove tumors: chemical, laser, surgery, electrocautery, cryotherapy. Each has its advantages and disadvantages.

    Skin tumors are not onlycosmetic defect, they can pose a hazard to human health. Even those that deliver only minor discomfort to the patient, require special attention and a competent diagnosis. Therefore, the decision on treatment or removal should make the doctor. Seldom are people with perfectly smooth and even skin. Almost everyone have any skin growths such as moles, warts, papillomas, warts, fibroma, etc.

    Methods for removing tumors

    There are several ways to remove tumors: chemical, laser, surgery, electrocautery, cryotherapy. Each has its advantages and disadvantages.


    Electrocoagulation - cauterization of tissueelectric current for therapeutic purposes, enabling visual control of the penetration depth. The doctor works on benign tumor with the help of special devices AC and DC, and various shapes of electrodes. At a temperature of 20-80 degrees comes irreversible coagulation of protein tissue. They lose their structure, carbonized. Blood clots in situ burn to prevent bleeding and infection. electrocoagulation method makes it possible to remove the tumor in one step. At the site of the impact occurs the crust, which eventually disappear, leaving no scars.


    Kriodistruktsiya - removal of liquid tumorsnitrogen. This method is not always possible to precisely control the depth of the impact on the fabric, in consequence of that - a good chance of burning the surrounding tissue, the result of which could become a scar.

    The laser method</ H2>

    Removal of the semiconductor laser byEvaporation of pathological tissue with minimal trauma to surrounding tissue. It allows you to carry out the procedure for the removal of skin lesions (moles, warts, warts, papillomas, keratomas, basal cell carcinoma, molluscum contagiosum, limfotsitomy, botryomycoma, whitehead, atheroma, fibroma, keratoacanthoma, cutaneous horn).


    Radiosurgery (unit Surgitron and EHVCH)It is the latest trend of non-contact method of pain without coagulation of tissue using high frequency radio waves (3.8 - 4.0 MHz and 0.5 -. 1.0 MHz -. Faraday effect). Technique "radiosurgery" completely eliminates the contraction of muscles or stimulate nerve endings during the passage of the waves. Unlike mechanical scalpel dissecting and other physical devices (electrocoagulator, laser, ultrasonic scalpel), this method is not accompanied by mechanical disruption of cells and necrosis of the surrounding tissue, provides rapid healing.

    Surgical method

    The intervention of the surgeon, not rarely leaves more or less its mark, even in cases of the skin when applied after surgery cosmetic seam.

    The chemical method

    Chemical removal of tumors involves the use of various chemical compositions such as liquid nitrogen, trichloroacetic acid, etc. fornizol

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