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  • What is a teratoma
  • Designated "habitat" teratomas and their features
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  • What is a teratoma

    Teratoma - it expansively growing tumors,often reaching a large size, consisting of a variety of tissue structures - derivatives of all three germ layers, with or without elements of adnexal tissue (trophoblast cells, ie, the outer layer of cells).

    Teratoma have some typical for themlocation (placement): ovaries and testicles, sacrococcygeal region, mediastinum, retroperitoneal space, the pharynx, the base of the skull. In adults, the most common of the sex glands and teratomas of the mediastinum. The most common site of teratomas in children is sacrococcygeal region.

    Designated "habitat" teratomas and their features

    Illustration http://www.photolibrary.com siteSacrococcygeal teratoma, as a rule,detected at birth, and occurs in fetuses, often in girls. Most teratomas this location benign. They sometimes reach a very large size, and then make it difficult for delivery. Can fill in the pelvic cavity, without damaging the pelvic bone. The tumor is composed of structures that resemble organs, and a variety of fabrics, such as bowel loops, liver tissue, the rudiments of (germs of) limbs, etc.. Less common malignant teratoma (termoblastomy), when along with mature tissue growth prevails kartsinomopodobnyh solid or papillary structures. Papillary growths are derived from extraembryonic tissues (trophoblast).

    Because ovarian teratomas in children as compared toadults are more common malignant teratoblastomy than benign dermoid cyst. They have the character of multi cysts composed of mature tissues, among which there are the fields of solid growths, embryonic and extra character. Such teratoblastomy can metastasize to the lungs. In children, there may be cases of mature teratomas, consisting of tissue that the surgical removal of yield, but peritoneal seeding.

    Testicular teratoma in children occur more frequently inyounger than 2 years, often found at birth. Testicular teratoma ovarian teratoma, as opposed to children more likely to be benign. Adults, on the contrary, they are more likely to be malignant. Malignant teratoma often consist of derivatives of epithelial tissue - flat keratinizing epithelium of the mucous glands, epithelial tissue.

    Retroperitoneal, and mesenteric teratoma inmost cases occur at birth or at the age of 2-3 years. They reach a large size, are more common in girls. Located closer to the diaphragm than to the pelvic region, usually benign, are rarely malignant.

    Large and polycystic solid teratoma the presence of immature tissues are always malignant.

    Teratoma pharynx (throat congenital polyps) -polypoid formation occurring in fetuses and newborns. Arranged in the upper dome of the pharynx where grow as polypoid growths, one part of which is covered with a mucous membrane, the other - wheel. Sometimes reaches a considerable size, and then make it difficult childbirth. They usually consist of mature tissue and rudimentary (rudimentary) bodies. Sometimes there are forms corresponding defective second twin reaches the baby's head size; the tumor is attached to the jaw or throat (called epignatus). Malignant teratomas are rare in the area.

    Intracranial teratomas in half of the cases aremalignant comprise growing embryonic tissue. In rare cases, Teratomas metastasize to the lung, they are placed in the skull base. Vstrechayutsya these teratomas frequently in fetuses and newborns. Boys are often localized around the pineal gland, and can be accompanied by endocrine disorders in the form of precocious puberty.

    Teratoblastoma - an evil sister teratoma

    Teratoblastoma - analogue malignant teratomas,it always contains fields often immature embryonic or extraembryonic tissues that may be combined with elements of adult tissues. Teratoblastomy tend to grow fast and metastasize. In metastases detected, as in the primary node, the combination of immature and mature tissues. Less common teratoblastomy consisting only of immature tend adnexal tissue.

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