Methods of diagnosis of leukoplakia


  • Diagnosis of leukoplakia
  • Colposcopy in the diagnosis of leukoplakia

  • Diagnosis of leukoplakia

    cervical leukoplakia - a thickeningthe surface layer of the epithelium of the vaginal portion of the cervix, is manifested in the form of dry patches whitish or yellowish in color, produced by the enhanced mucosal keratinization.

    Diagnosis of leukoplakia is notsignificant difficulties, disease foci are found during the inspection of genitals (area of ​​the labia minora, clitoris) and study with the help of mirrors (cervical and vaginal area).

    The main purpose of diagnosis - determining the natureleukoplakia - simple or manifestations of basal-cell hyperactivity and cell atypia. On examination, a special vigilance with regard to the active proliferation and atypia cause leukoplakia with a warty surface.

    Colposcopy in the diagnosis of leukoplakia

    However, the true nature of leukoplakia determinedat colposcopy, cytological and histological examination. Colposcopy is compulsory and is conducted repeatedly to eliminate or early recognition of signs of atypia. With this method, the study may identify other pathological processes that are not seen during the inspection (inflammatory response, flat warts, symptoms intraepithelial cancer), as well as additional pockets of leukoplakia.

    Signs include the following colposcopic atypia picture leukoplakia. Manifestations of atypia conversion zone considered:

    • open ducts of glands with protruding above the surface of the stratum edges
    • a large number of vessels, varicose blood vessels, dotted vessels around the glands

    Methods of diagnosis of leukoplakiaWhen papillary leukoplakia basics histological examination reveals dysplasia and preinvasive cancer.

    Comprehensive research required toleukoplakia diagnosis includes cytology. Material for this purpose is produced by careful scraping the surface of leukoplakia. Cytology reveals cell atypia, but sometimes stuff does not fall atypical epithelial cells of the basal layer, so a biopsy is mandatory in all cases of leukoplakia. A biopsy is performed with a sufficiently deep seizure subepithelial tissue. At the same time produce excision of leukoplakia foci, if they are small and few.

    In recognition of leukoplakia of the cervix biopsy is performed with simultaneous diagnostic curettage of the cervical canal mucosa.

    Timely diagnosis of leukoplakia allows you to continue to avoid such serious diseases as cancer of any localization of female genital mutilation.

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