The danger of stomach cancer


  • The main causes of disease
  • Symptoms of stomach cancer
  • The danger of stomach cancer
  • Stomach Cancer Treatment

  • Stomach cancer - a malignant tumor,develops from mucosal zheludka.U male stomach cancer occurs in 2 times more often than women. Most often sick people over 40-45 years, although not so rare stomach cancer occurs in people 30-35 years of age and even younger ...

    The main causes of disease

    • The danger of stomach cancer hereditary factor;
    • regular consumption of smoked, salty, overcooked foods;
    • smoking;
    • exposure to asbestos;
    • precancerous conditions - chronic atrophicgastritis, peptic ulcer, pernicious anemia, post-gastrectomy (especially 10-20 years after resection of Billroth-II), gastric polyps (ozlokachestveniya rate to 40% for polyps larger than 2 cm in diameter), immunodeficiency states;
    • alcohol abuse.

    Symptoms of stomach cancer

    • anorexia and weight loss are characteristic of 70-80% of patients;
    • general weakness, fatigue;
    • discomfort and / or pain above the navel;
    • loss of appetite;
    • a feeling of heaviness after eating;
    • nausea, vomiting;
    • change in stool;
    • bleeding that may occur melena (black stools).
    • feeling of early satiety. Diffuse gastric cancer often occurs with rapid satiety, because the stomach wall can not normal stretch.

    The danger of stomach cancer

    A tumor in the stomach may interfere with digestion,prevent the passage of food into the lower digestive tract. The cancer invades the wall of the stomach, it can spread to other organs - to germinate in the colon, the pancreas. When the location of the tumor near the esophagus, it can be extended to him and disrupt the passage of food into the stomach. As a result of all this, there is a weight reduction of up to exhaustion. A tumor can spread through the lymphatic and blood vessels in other organs (liver, lungs, brain, bones, etc..), Which enables the growth of lesions. Due to the disruption of the body there is death.

    Stages of the disease:

    • no tumor diameter larger than 2 cm, germination only mucosa without visible metastases in lymph nodes;
    • tumor diameter 4-5 cm germination submucosal and muscular layers may be regional metastases;
    • large tumor size, germination serosa adjacent bodies; there are distant metastases.

    Early diagnosis provides the mostfavorable prognosis. Clinical symptoms are nonspecific disease: nausea, vomiting, regurgitation, dysphagia, weakness, weight loss, anemia, etc. It is important to pay attention to the appearance of these symptoms in previously healthy people and change their character in chronic gastritis or peptic ulcer.. Of decisive importance in establishing the diagnosis have a gastroscopy (a biopsy) and X-ray examination of the stomach.

    Stomach Cancer Treatment

    Treatment of stomach cancer depends on the extent of the tumor in the stomach, the degree of regional lymph nodes and the presence of distant metastases. The treatment stomach cancer using all 3 methods: surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. The main treatment is surgery.

    Projective protective factors:

    • refusal to supply dry, and eating;
    • unhurried and regular meals;
    • waiver or reduction of the consumption of salted and smoked products;
    • increase in the consumption of natural juice or milk;
    • rejection of the use of spirits, or at least support their adoption of soda or mineral water;
    • increase in the consumption of green vegetables and fruits that are rich in natural antioxidants (ascorbic acid, b-carotene, vitamin E);
    • Green tea (by suppressing the production of interleukin-8);
    • freezing of products instead of canning (significantly reduces the incidence of gastric cancer due to lack of preservatives and reduce the amount of carcinogens).

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