Back pain: Milgamma kompozitum eliminate the cause!


Back pain: Milgamma kompozitum eliminate the cause!Sharp, piercing, literally paralyzing painback, radiating in the leg, accompanied by a sensation of numbness in the limbs, disturbance of posture and gait - symptoms of degenerative disc disease complications. The disease is widespread, sooner or later, with him facing 80% of people, so, for example, sciatica diagnosed in 5% of neurological patients.

Most often, the pain disturb the people in the backworking age, of loading your spine during work and sports. Especially susceptible are people with overweight and those whose profession associated with heavy physical work, standing or sitting motionless, vibration and repetitive motion.

The use of painkillers and anti-inflammatorydrugs in 90% of cases eliminates the pain for 4-6 weeks. But in 30% of cases of discomfort persist much longer, and this is primarily due to the slow regeneration of damaged by diseases of the nerve fibers.

B vitamins with back pain

Current approaches to the treatment of back pain, primarily involve the use of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs). Despite the fact that 40% of patients, and they cause very serious undesirable side effects, in particular, can become a cause of ulcers in the stomach, these drugs are most popular.

In addition to NSAIDs are usually prescribed B vitaminsAnd it is not due to a desire to compensate for the lack of these substances in the body of the patient. The goal of therapy is another - to provide a therapeutic effect by administration of high doses of vitamins to restore nerve tissue.

We prove that B vitamins have beneficial effects on the condition of the central and peripheral nervous system. These biologically active substances are involved inAll the main biochemical reactions occurring in the nerve cell, they are needed for its energy supply and recovery of the synthesis of protein structures. High doses of vitamin B have analgesic effectTo block the discharge of substances responsible forthe appearance of pain, inhibit the passage of pain impulse to the central parts of the nervous system, enhance the effect of analgesic substances synthesized in the human body.

Milgamma to restore nerve tissue

We want to introduce you to a highly efficient, safe and widely used drug in the world medicine MilgammaThat can quickly and permanently get rid of back pain and regain the joy of free movement.

The drug is available Milgamma known pharmaceutical company "Vervag Pharma". Germany in two forms, one of which - pills Milgamma kompozitum - designed for prolonged treatment and prevention of recurrence of the disease.

Milgamma compositum - a complex preparation of vitamins B, which includes benfotiamine (a derivative of vitamin B1) and pyridoxine (vitamin B6).

It is believed that the absorption of thiamine ingestion limited so milgamma vitamin B1 is replaced by its derivative - benfotiamine, which is well absorbed in the body and it has the same valuable properties.

The balanced composition and high doses of vitamins provide high efficiency Milgamma.

Experience in the use of the drug for back pain allows us to speak about his ability exacerbate the effects of nonsteroidal antiinflammatory drugs through its own analgesic effect andability to quickly repair damaged nerve fibers. Combination therapy with NSAIDs and milgamma allows to stop back pain already on day 2 of treatment, the maximum effect is achieved at day 10 of therapy.

Milgamma It allows you to reduce the dose and duration of treatment nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs that reduce the pill burden on the body and prevents the development of severe side effects.

Milgamma compositum promotes that back pain will not return for at least 3 months later, While supporting admission of the drug will disappear forever. Indeed, in contrast to analgesics, Milgamma not only relieves pain, it treats the disease itself.

Milgamma kompozitum is well tolerated, has almost no side effects, Which is an advantage of the drug for extended treatment.

Who needs medication Milgamma kompozitum?

  • Those who suffer from back pain caused by neurological causes, and set a goal to get rid of it.
  • Those who are not simply trying to remove the bad symptom, and wants to eliminate its cause.
  • Those who are forced to take analgesics and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, but would like to reduce their dose, and did give them up.
  • Those who are recovering after suffering a neurological disease.
  • Those for whom the quality of the drug and the authority of its manufacturer play an important role.

The use of B vitamins whenneurological diseases is not new. Even in 1950, it was developed tactics alternation injections of vitamins B1, B6 and B12, but the procedure was extremely painful, and in spite of the high efficiency of this treatment, patients often abandon it. Today Milgamma allows prolonged courses of therapy, thus treated, and not just shoot the unpleasant symptoms.

If you do not want to back pain was the companion of your life, take care of your health with Milgamma compositum.

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