Plastic arch own tendon. Indications and contraindications for surgery


    Plastic foot arches

    Plastic arch own tendon. Indications and contraindications for surgeryOne of hallux valgus correction methodsassociated with the strengthening of the tendon of the foot unit. Usually, this operation is that the muscle tendon of long flexor of the big toe is moved more medially, ie medially. Normally, this tendon is attached to the distal (nail) phalange of the big toe.

    When the medial displacement is filed more inwards than is provided by the medial displacement of the big toe and valgus eliminates confusion.

    Moreover, this helps restore operationnormal arch of the foot and prevents the further development of this pathology. Along with the plastic tendons can usually be performed excision of bony "bumps."

    Also flexor tendon of the big toeoperations are conducted and Durga tendon tendon posterior tibial muscle, which passes under the inner ankle and attaches to the tuberosity of the navicular and first cuneiform bone and thin beams to the II and III of the wedge, II, III and IV of the metatarsal bone. This muscle is holding back the onslaught of the talar head, pulling her towards the scaphoid, which is attached to the anterior tibial muscle, thereby forming the longitudinal arch of the foot.

    Tendon plastic is one of the most importantmethods of hallux valgus correction of the big toe, as this operation makes it possible not only to eliminate the manifestation of the disease and eliminate the cause - a pathology of the foot arch. Thus, this kind of operation is more physiological.

    Operative treatment of hallux valgusthe big toe is shown in cases where conservative treatments such as physical therapy, gymnastics and orthopedic aids do not help to correct the position of the finger.

    When the operation is shown?

    In the case of pronounced valgus deformitybig toe, gait disturbance, and normal wear shoes, expressed in a joint pain when walking, the formation of chronic bursitis (inflammation of the joint capsule) in the joint.

    When surgery is contraindicated?

    Contraindications to surgery for hallux valgusdeformation of the big toe can be severe comorbidities of the patient, the disease of the blood coagulation system, as well as the infectious process in the field of the alleged interference. In certain metabolic disorders surgery also undesirable, for example, diabetes. This is due to the fact that this disease is marked bad zazhivlyaemost tissues and are more common infectious complications that occur more difficult.

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