• Stop deformations and their causes
  • Treatment of closure

  • Stop deformations and their causes

    Congenital deformations of the feet in children are one
    Of the most common defects for the development of musculoskeletal
    Apparatus. In recent years, doctors have noted an increase in the number of children with
    By this diagnosis.About the reasons for the development of closures, about its modern
    Treatment methods tells the head of traumatology and
    Orthopedics RDKB Alexander Sergeevich Kuzin.

    The reasons for the development of closures remain so far
    Not sufficiently studied. Most often three hypotheses are discussed. Most
    The old theory of the emergence of this pathology is mechanical. Her
    Supporters who consider the cause of the deformation of the foot mechanical
    Impact on the fetus during the period of intrauterine development. Others are associated
    Its with a violation of the bookmark and the delay in the formation of the foot and the legs in
    intrauterine period. Third who are most - with vice
    The development of the nervous system. However, numerous studies of the latter
    years have shown that there is a displacer in congenital closure
    The process of the whole organism with a predominant defeat of the foot and lower leg,
    where depending on the severity of the deformation prevails in varying degrees
    underdevelopment of bone, muscular and neuro-vascular systems.

    The formation of closures can also contribute to the fetal
    Environmental situation: electromagnetic fields, radioactive
    radiation, chemical exposure and t.NS.

    Yes the same flu.
    Viral infections in different times of pregnancy can leave after
    Very serious consequences. The future mothers should be remembered about it. IN
    The first trimester of pregnancy when the skeleton laying occurs,
    Woman with permission of the obstetrician-gynecologist need to take
    Calcium-phosphoric drugs. Lack of vitamins in the nutrition of a pregnant
    can also negatively affect normal development

    In addition, one of the reasons for the formation of congenital
    closures may be heredity. However, strictly say,
    that this disease is transmitted by inheritance, it is impossible.

    Confection refers to the degree of development, which are visible immediately after the birth of the child. I would ideally, if the kid back in the maternity hospital examined an experienced orthopedist.
    After all, the treatment of closures should be started as early as possible, almost with
    10-12 days of life crumbs. As a rule, this pathology is revealed already
    In the first month: it is so striking that parents themselves
    see that something is wrong with the leg. Especially, it is noticeable if a child has
    One-sided closer.

    Stop looks inside, she turned
    the inner edge up and as if stretched forward (element of horse
    feet). With multi-glossy deformation of the foot heel tightened up,
    The stop is aroded and deployed to the inner edge up. Her
    it is possible to outline.

    Similar deformation can
    be both different neurological diseases - but in these cases
    Stop more or less displayed in the correct position.

    Treatment of closure

    The main method of treatment of congenital closures in our country remains
    conservative. Most orthopeds are recognized that it is from him
    Started. It consists in the stage of drying. At the beginning of the doctor
    works with a foot, warm up it, trying to bring it in more correct
    position without use. If a little bit «improve»
    position of the foot, this position is fixed with a gypsum booze,
    which is superimposed from the foot and above the knee. Over time
    Boots removed and again work with a foot: specialist
    It seeks its more correct position, compared with the previous
    at once and again imposes a gypsum bandage. And so in several stages. IN
    Most cases, by the end of the first year of the child's life
    lead a foot.

    After removing the gypsum, I must wear
    rigid orthopedic shoes. Otherwise during active
    child growth, stop deformation can resume.

    In different
    Clinics relate differently to the timing of the application of operational
    interventions. Some doctors are firmly on purely conservative
    positions and ready to dry children almost until 14-15 years. As a result, everything
    Childhood child spends in plaster.

    Starting from 1 year, if conservative treatment is
    ineffective. In the case when the kid has a heavy form of foot deformation,
    We can consist in 6 months, because, as a rule, heavy
    closure forms do not succumb «manual» Elimination.

    Applied and early operational treatment. Children operate aged
    3-6 months, in order to take the child to
    legs, start walking, he already had a normal foot.

    In Russia more often
    Total resort to tendon plastic on a hooker. Operated
    Leg (or legs) is fixed in the gypsum bandages above the knee on 3
    month. Then this bandage is removed and a short blitz course is held
    Rehabilitation. Then the gypsum shoe is again superimposed
    knee, for another 3 months. After removing the gypsum, rehabilitation courses are held.

    There are other methods for correcting the position of the foot. For example, S
    using the orizarov apparatus. But not any deformation can be
    Eliminated when his help. So, for example, a strongly deformed stop
    He does not give in.

    Qualified operation performed almost
    always gives a tangible positive result. However, consider
    operation as a complete cure is also impossible. It's just a stage of treatment,
    without which it does not happen.

    After operational
    interventions It is important to clearly comply with the recommendations of the attending physician, otherwise
    Stop can deform again. Then there is nothing more conservative
    Cannot do. We will have to re-operate. And repeated
    The operation is more complicated technically and gives less favorable results.

    Therefore, parents must remember that supporting therapy should be
    constant during the whole age growth period. Nothing is
    you can do it, but after the operation, the crumbs remain some cosmetic
    Defects: scars and, more noticeable, the operated leg will be
    Always thinner.

    Often children with congenital closets are assigned «rank» Disabled childhood.

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