Recipe for healthy bones. Say "No" to osteoporosis


  • Who is affected by osteoporosis?
  • How to protect yourself from illness and strengthen bones?

  • Who is affected by osteoporosis?

    Age-related bone problems mainly affect women. Risk group includes:

    • women with a body weight less than normal;
    • women with a family history;
    • smoking and abusing alcohol.

    How to protect yourself from illness and strengthen bones?

    Balance the food. Products such as low-fat cheese, yogurt, milk,kefir, sour cream, fish, fruits and vegetables, should be present in your diet all the time, not only when a problem has already occurred with the bones. If you like black coffee, remember that caffeine takes calcium from the body, so a cup of black coffee must be compensated by anything dairy.

    Recipe for healthy bones. Say "No" to osteoporosisTake calcium. Every day, women need 1,200 milligramscalcium. Do not just rely on the food, you need to take calcium-containing complexes. Pay attention to preparations where calcium combined with vitamin D, promotes the assimilation of mineral: 500 mg of calcium and 200-400 mg of vitamin.

    Calcium is not only strengthens the bone tissue, but also normalizes blood pressure.
    Multivitamin complexes contain calcium, but in insufficient quantities. Moreover, iron binds calcium and prevent its absorption.

    Exercise is necessary to strengthenbones and muscles - it's all in the fresh air load, where you are in an upright position, hold the bone train weight. There are no seats on the balls! Dancing, Walking, working in the garden - at least 30 minutes a day. Loads must have an average degree of intensity, so as not to injure the joints.

    Maintain a healthy lifestyle. The degradation of bone tissue - the naturalaging process, but there is also the human factor: some diseases, bad habits, rash actions, which lead to serious problems with the bones.
    * Anorexia, high physical activity, hyperactivity leads to a decrease in bone density.

    Negative factors that increase the risk of developingOsteoporosis: the use of medications (such as prednisone and other corticosteroids), smoking (smoking women the risk of osteoporosis is higher than in non-smokers).

    Regularly surveyed! How do not you not want to go once again to thedoctor, women during menopause and after it is recommended to take the test on bone mineral density 2 times a year. Do not hesitate to go to the experts and ask questions.

    * Anorexia - Psychopathological syndrome, manifested in obsessive quest for weight loss, which is realized with the help of diet or complete rejection of food.

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