Short Encyclopedia of extreme situations


  • Extreme situations in nature
  • Artificial extreme situations

  • Short Encyclopedia of extreme situationsExtreme situations are different: in nature, in the production in the human society. We decided to make a brief encyclopedia of extreme situations. We think it is important to inform people about what can happen. The more we know, for example, about the extreme situations of a criminal nature, the greater the chance that we will come out of them alive, healthy and intact psyche.

    Extreme situations in nature

    Our Encyclopedia of extreme situations givinga general idea of ​​what may await human in vivo. Forewarned is forearmed. This principle we laid the basis for the idea that accounted for a list of emergency situations.

    1. Damage caused by the weather and reliefconditions: frostbite and heat stroke, motion sickness, mountain sickness. Usually occur from ignorance of features of the place where the person is going to, and from personal hindsight.
    2. Injury through negligence or by wearing the wrong outfit: broken limbs, sprains and injuries, poisoning, various poisons, both animal and vegetable.
    3. Emergency situations in nature may also besuch, which can not be avoided with the help of safety knowledge and possession of the necessary equipment. These include, for example, natural phenomena such as tsunamis, earthquakes, hurricanes, volcanic eruptions. The only way to protect yourself from such - live in areas with the lowest probability of occurrence of such cases.

    Artificial extreme situations

    Different situations often arise in nature inadvertently man. Extreme incidents

    • in the production,
    • in transport,
    • in society

    Short Encyclopedia of extreme situationsalways entirely fall within the scoperesponsibility of specific people. Extreme criminal nature - in particular. However, as elsewhere, it has its own safety that seeks to avoid becoming a victim of criminal acts.

    Because of its brevity, our encyclopedia is notIt allows you to expand on all types of man-made emergency situations, but the events of a criminal nature, we have decided to consider an unusual angle.

    Of course, the ordinary man, went in the morning to work or shopping in the large shopping center, is not currently podstelit straw in case of a terrorist attack.

    A special branch of science - victimology -studying human behavior, causing emergency situations of a criminal nature. This provocative behavior of the potential victim, and negligence, and conventional efforts to put in place a person in violation of public order, and even delusions at the expense of a close family member. There are cases when domestic violence occurs because the victim was sure that family ties will not allow the future of the offender to start a fight or commit other violent acts.

    The main thing you need to know to everyone -break the law and infringe on other people's lives, health and property can be any, even the most innocuous-looking individual. Therefore, the basic rules of behavior in society - friendliness, avoiding conflicts and their own security in all possible ways. It also means attention to any other person, and basic knowledge of psychology and victimology, and avoidance of provocative behavior. Do not go too late alone in deserted places, do not get involved in scandals, do not think that you are well know someone else - and all will be well.

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