Dialysis is life


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  • Dialysis is lifeA few decades ago, such a diagnosis sounded as a death sentence. The kidneys, poorly coped with their work on cleansing the body from harmful and unnecessary substances, allowed to accumulate toxins, and slow irreversible poisoning took place. The human health was every day, who was doomed to die due to disruption of metabolism, intoxicating its bodies and their dystrophic changes.

    Question number 1. Why such a situation arises, what is the reason «strike» kidney? Maybe we ourselves provoke the appearance of this problem?

    - Sedentary lifestyle — One of the roots. Add here imbalanced food, drug abuse and some «folk» means. Many reasons are related to other diseases. Hypertension and diabetes are recently acquired epidemic character and go to the fore among chronic renal failure provocateurs. In general, this ailment is usually a complication of various kidney diseases — their inflammation: glomerulonephritis, interstitial jade, urolithiasis. And in young children, the cause of the disease is an infection of the urogenital system or an anomaly of its development.

    Question # 2. What are the symptoms so terrible «Chronicles»?

    - Patients are usually neglected. Well, who, tell me, now does not complain about increased fatigue and general weakness, on the swelling and pain in the joints? Man pale, his skin is dry and flaky. The yellowness of the skin and the schgler of the eyes, the unpleasant smell of mouth and the decrease in the volume of urination few people are alarmed, the people are often unclear and does not appeal. The disease progresses hidden, and only the simplest blood and urine tests available in any regional clinic can help recognize a cunning asymptomatic.

    Question number 3. You want to say that a person with chronic renal failure in our time can hope not only for survival, but also to continue normal life?

    - Of course, despite the fact that it belongs to the persons with disabilities of the group I, he, as everyone else, leads a normal lifestyle, works, learns, raising children and even engaged in sports. Sure, «binding» to regular hemodialysis — not sugar, but this is a real, completely tolerant way to extend life. In addition, this is not the only way out of the renal dead end.

    Alternative method called «Peritonial dialysis» (from Latin «Peritoneum» — peritoneum). It does not require special complex equipment and is carried out at home with the help of a special catheter, through which a cleaner solution is injected into the abdominal cavity. The solution is changed 4–5 times a day. This method is suitable for those patients who live far from dialysis centers and are constantly at home or can do procedures at work. It is mainly used by older people and diabetics. In England, they use a third of patients.

    Question number 4. So, now the deadly disease retreated?

    - What do you! One of the most difficult barriers is associated with the most radical solution to the problem of the disease — kidney transplantation. Thanks to transplantation, the highest level of rehabilitation is achieved, including social. The former patient can lead an active lifestyle, traveling, independent of dialysis, but only taking medications, thanks to which there is no rejection of someone else's organ. But this is a very difficult case, considering that only one of 15 thousand (!) donor kidneys can come up to the patient.

    - I optimist and believe that the problem of chronic renal failure will be solved with us everywhere, the progress is not stopped. Just as long as we are very psychologically ripe to use scientific achievements. Some patients still, for example, do not believe that dialysis — This is not a treatment, but the replacement of the work of the kidneys, that this is a problem with life. Other sufferers are trying to correct the situation with the help of bath procedures or all sorts of ways «Cleansing the kidneys». And often gullible spaces turn out to be in the hands of different magicians and charlatans who promise to grow new kidney or heal the patient. These patients fall into us in a terrible state: with edema containing up to 20 l of excess fluid, in fact before death.

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