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    In everyday life, we rarely think about thecases that may harm our life, health or property. But today people are trying to reduce losses via insurance, it is growing. And what we know about the insurance of the persons who are going to travel for different purposes? Well, if your trip is organized by a tour company, which is obliged by law to take care of the insurance policy. On the other hand, takes into account whether this insurance, and what do those who travel on their own?

    holiday Insurance The proposed consumer travel companyinsurance policy includes a minimum set of insurance services. This policy guarantees the provision of emergency medical assistance, payment or compensation for medical expenses the traveler or other assistance, which is specified in the insurance. For an additional amount you can expand the range of insurance services. Do not forget to check out, the services which the insurance company uses your travel agency. The wider the circle you want to make insurance claims, the reasonable to self-refer to the insurance company. This is made all the more necessary if you are an independent traveler.

    What do you suggest, if you want to goabroad without the assistance of a travel agency? From whatever purpose you went - tourism, work, education, leisure - without the "International insurance policy" difficulties can arise immediately upon the occurrence of the insured event.

    Insurance cases specialists are called events,provided by the insurance contract, with the onset of which occurs the insurer's obligation to pay insurance indemnity. When an insured event occurs, you just have to report it to your service company that fully instruct you, and experts will monitor the quality of care. If suddenly you do not get through, then, seeking help on their own, do not forget to take all the documents proving your expenses, then to obtain compensation.

    List of contingencies

    List of unforeseen expenses of the insured person is standard. Here are some of them:

    • the cost of treatment, due to an accident occurring abroad, or sudden illness and exacerbation of chronic diseases;
    • Transportation to the nearest hospital;
    • the cost of medications prescribed by a doctor;
    • the cost of emergency dental care;
    • costs for emergency repatriation in case of death;
    • the costs of providing legal or administrative assistance.

    Insured person enjoying the car,can offset the costs of special assistance. You can also protect yourself from the various inconveniences while traveling. You can insure your luggage, if you are afraid that it will be lost, stolen or damaged. Do not forget that some things (money, jewelry, antiques, etc.) that are included in your baggage, the insurance will not be covered.

    holiday Insurance Insured people and on his own recognizance. Prevent leave time you can the refusal to issue a visa, death of a relative, is not EC
    own key, emergency medical care(Such as appendicitis or poisoning). Remember that you can refuse to pay the insurance of this kind, if you have previously been refused a visa, if you have a chronic disease that just stepped out of season, etc. The Russian insurance on his own recognizance can be so popular, how strong belief in the ability of the consumer to prove their case.

    Selecting one or more programs depend onyour desire and willingness to make your trip more relaxing and comfortable. Do not forget the insurance companies and those who prefer to travel around their country, because travel companies do not always offer insurance for holidaymakers in the south.

    Remember that there are quite a few exceptionsfrom insurance coverage. Your claim will not be considered if you are involved in civil unrest, riots, wars and suffered from it, if you have any difficulties in connection with employment amateur sports (water skiing, scuba diving, mountain climbing, ski jumping, figure skating, cycling, hunting, fishing, horse riding, etc.), which you specifically warned his insurer, and so on. d. The issue of sports, especially extreme, be sure you blow out, and in your best interest not to ignore it.

    According to the head of Insurance DepartmentInsurance Company "Standard Reserve" Irina Pokrovskaya, in connection with the popular diving all divers are offered a special product, thanks to which the insured is not only the life and health, but also diver luggage. There are programs for diving instructors. Quality of care ensures the success of this insurance.

    Do not forget that only a special mark on the lessons other extreme sport will help to compensate for unforeseen expenses.

    On many exciting question about the cost of insurancecan be answered definitely only after the selection of the sum insured, the insurance program, the insurance period, the country of residence and sports insured person while traveling. Children and students receive a 25 and 20-tiprotsentnye discounts.

    But people over 65, disabled groups I and IIand persons involved in amateur sport, add step-up ratio. Children under one year is also considered to be transported over long distances is risky, so sometimes you may have difficulty with their insurance. Term insurance for traveling abroad is set not more than one year.

    For insurance purposes, you will need: passport, if going abroad, or a Russian passport, if traveling to Russia. To the rescue of drowning is not only converted to the cause of their hands, take care of the aid in advance, and your journey will be safer in any season.

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