How to choose a watermelon or cantaloupe?


How to choose a watermelon and melon
  1. 17 tips for choosing melons and watermelonsAT
    First of all, remember that local melons appear on
    our shelves until the beginning of August, and even closer to its end. Not
    hurry and rush for the purchase as soon as there were first disintegrated:
    in August, a lot of other beneficial fruits and watermelon, melon season lasts
    the end of September and from anywhere you are not going anywhere.
  2. Watermelon
    melon and must be completely intact, no dents, cracks and notches. any
    crack - this is the way penetration of bacteria in the pulp and sweet wet
    Wednesday - the best place for their reproduction.
  3. must not
    buy half a watermelon or any other piece of fear that you do not
    eat the whole fruit. Cut and wrapped in a slice of film can
    contain large amounts of bacteria, which turn around for you five
    moments of pleasure and a couple of days poisoning.
  4. Sell
    melons should be in the shade under a canopy. Shadow saves on heating and
    It prevents premature fermentation. Lay the watermelon and melon should not
    ground and on a wooden platform.
  5. Buy
    melons near the road can not be! Just a few hours - and fruit
    It absorbs a huge amount of exhaust gases, which contain
    critical for the health of heavy metals.
  6. In
    Seller must have a document allowing trade watermelons and melons.
    This certificate of registration of the trade point at a particular address, and
    Sanitary-Epidemiological Conclusion on the product. Both documents can be
    They are copies, but printing them should be genuine.
  7. Choosing
    watermelon or cantaloupe, look at their color. Ripe watermelon will be brilliant,
    bright green stripes on it will be contrasting. The more
    contrasting stripes, the ripe watermelon. The color of a ripe melon - bright yellow or
  8. determine
    watermelon ripeness and can be as follows: Scratch peel it. If the upper thin
    layer is easily scraped off, and the white part of the subcutaneous remains intact,
    watermelon is good and ripe. If a nail falls inside a watermelon
  9. Peel
    ripe watermelon should be firm. If the pressure on the watermelon
    peel fingers flex, so the watermelon is not worth taking, because his
    tore unripe and ripe he was on the way. So, it would taste
    sour. Ripe melon will also be solid. If it is soft - it
    ripe and can be dangerous to health.
  10. peduncle
    ripe watermelon should be completely dry. This is one of the signs that
    watermelon fell off himself, before he is fully mature. Color tail - brown and beige. Green stalk suggests that berry thwarted
    too early. Although, experts say, can be a dry stalk
    fiction: watermelon could derail a long time, and the stalk is not dry on the bed.
  11. The size
    Watermelon is also important. Too much fruit testifies
    an excess of it different fertilizers. Too small - that
    Berry received less nutrients, and therefore not dospela. Ripe watermelon
    It should not be too heavy, normal weight sufficiently large watermelon
    - 5-7 kilograms.
  12. White
    spot on the watermelon rind must be present: on this side
    lay a watermelon, is ripened on a bed. The yellow spots, the ripe watermelon.
  13. Main
    criterion when choosing a melon - her scent. The sweet smell of uncut, without
    cracks, melon, so it is ripe.
  14. Watermelon
    and melon can be selected also by the sound. Knock on the palm or the fetus
    knuckles. If the sound is ringing, watermelon still unripe. If the watermelon
    "Sound" muffled, feel free to take: he matured. The same applies to melons.
  15. Check
    ripeness of watermelon or melon can already be after you cut the fruit.
    Watermelon in which many of nitrates, has a very dark flesh, while
    pulp fiber - not white, and yellow. But sugary pulp - a sign that watermelon ripened on their own, without the aid of chemical
    fertilizers. "Chemical" melon has a solid color dirty fiber between
    seeds, whereas they have good fruit should be bright and soft.
  16. Most
    sweet and watermelon and melon fruits are considered female. circle,
    located on the opposite side of the stalk, - the mark of a flower.
    Big wide and flat circle - "girl", a small convex -
  17. Last thing
    rule applies to the storage of purchased melons and watermelons. Be sure to carefully
    wash the fruit or berries with hot water and rub the sandpaper brush.
    Uncut fruit can be stored in a refrigerator for two weeks. But if the
    you have already cut a watermelon or cantaloupe, try to eat them throughout the day.

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