How to overcome stress after the accident (crash)


  • Talk about PTSD
  • Help in overcoming the effects of stress after the accident (crash)

  • Talk about PTSD

    People falling in an extreme situation,react to it in different ways. Someone falls into a stupor, and someone on the contrary, motor stimulation begins. But the reaction to the events going on, and after the danger had passed. It is worth noting that the experience of stress can not only victims, but also to casual observers, witnesses and even professional-rescuers. Ideally each participant and witness to the disaster or accident needs help and counseling psychologist in the future. But it is not always possible, and then need help loved ones or self-help.

    Extreme events that affect the human psyche, causing him traumatic stress, psychological consequences which could result in PTSD.

    Post-traumatic stress disorder - a delayed reaction to a stressful event. It is an anxiety disorder may be associated with depression and chemical dependency.

    The victim, after the tragic events againexperiencing what happened: it haunting memories, thoughts and nightmares. Nightmares Fear causes insomnia. It is natural that people with PTSD do not want to remember the details of the incident, he has the desire to forget, to erase the thoughts and feelings of reminding of the tragic event. The victim becomes emotionally unstable: the tears are replaced by anger outbursts. Another symptom of PTSD - hypervigilant. Man is showing extreme caution, even in non-hazardous situations.

    Help in overcoming the effects of stress after the accident (crash)

    To fully get rid of PTSD need expert help. However, you can help yourself and others to weaken the adverse reactions.

    The best medicine - pleasant emotions. Pamper yourself delicacies, walk more, go to the sauna or simply soak in a warm bath, even a "do not want". Engage in physical activity, stress affects the whole body, so you can help, if you spend more time on health than before. Most are among the people. Do not expect the memories go away by themselves. Feelings remain and can be confusing for a long time. That is why it is extremely important frank talk heart to heart.

    If your loved one has suffered, trycreate the conditions for intimate conversation. This is necessary to give him negative emotions and feelings come out. But do not put pressure on the person if he is against. The main thing - do not push the victim, even if it pushes you. Continue to provide support and to express their love.

    If PTSD symptoms persist, do not hesitate to turn to a psychologist. Here are the signs that you or a loved one needs help of a professional:
    • How to overcome stress after the accident (crash)PTSD symptoms continue to occur some time after the event and not weakened;
    • changed attitude to work;
    • ongoing nightmares or insomnia;
    • it is difficult to control their feelings, there are sudden outbursts of anger;
    • no person with whom you could share your experiences;
    • relationships with family, coworkers, neighbors, acquaintances greatly deteriorated;
    • around saying: "He has changed a lot";
    • appeared bad habits: pulling more than smoking, drinking, taking sedatives;
    • there were health problems, which did not exist before.

    Children may also be posttraumaticstress disorder as a result of accident, abuse, death of parents and other tragic events. Its symptoms: restlessness, aggression, fear (including fear of loneliness), isolation, crying, timidity. You something that you can do for your baby.

    • Talking with your child, tell him only accurate information.
    • Talk to him about your feelings.
    • The child is important to know that he is not alone. Do not forget to tell him about it.
    • Touch it, hug as often as possible. Body contact will allow him to feel your love.
    • Take the time to talk, to play with the baby, put him to bed.
    • Watch for it (it is very important to notice his negative symptoms). Often it is in the game the child shows his feelings.
    • Promote studies that help to relieve tension (playing with water, sand, clay, molded from clay, painting).
    • Remember, if a child is upset, you need to give him an opportunity to be sad or cry. This is normal.

    All data are tips are simple enough. But most people with whom there was a misfortune, accident or witnesses turn in on themselves. Even members of the same family can not find the strength to talk, and this is a step towards improving the situation. As a result, everyone is experiencing what happened to himself, the alienation between people there. Each single-handedly trying to deal with their stress. Psychologist Tip: communicate, try speaking with each other feelings and experiences.

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