Got into the hospital, think how faster to carry legs! Problems of VBI


  • What is a non-hospital infection?
  • Paths of nosocomial infections: what gave rise to these monsters?
  • How to deal with vbi?
  • What you need to know about vbi?

  • The pathogens of nosocomial infections, what do you know about them?Intro-community infection (vbbi) that you know about her? Most of us are far from this concept, although in medicine the problem of incidence inside therapeutic institutions is very acute. Economic damage caused by the pathogens of VBIs living in the walls of hospitals and the clinic is huge, according to modest estimates in Russia — it is 10-15 billion. in year. But this figure for economists, it is clear to us that out of 5-12% of patients infected in the walls of the medical institution by hospital infection, about a quarter dies from severe complications. Insituditions of nosocomial infections are resistant to the action of most antibiotics.

    What is a non-hospital infection?

    According to the definition of V — This is any infectious disease that develops in a patient in a hospital or after contacting the clinic, eliminating cases when the patient entered the hospital being infected. National accident infections include diseases of medical workers who occur in the workplace.

    Sources of mineralized infections are patients and health workers themselves, having the manifestations of infectious diseases or being carriers of pathogens microbes.

    In the first place among the diseases caused by the pathogens of WBI, there are purulent-septic complications in patients with surgical, traumatological and urological departments, on the second — Intestinal infections, mainly salmonellosis, and finally, viral hepatitis B and C transmitted through blood.

    Paths of nosocomial infections: what gave rise to these monsters?

    Basic pathogens of VBIThe causative agents of the WBI are the Singny wand, Staphylococci, Streptococci, Enterococci, Klebsiella, Protoney — That is, ordinary microbes living around and inside our body. Why do they cause diseases that are not amenable to treatment with antibiotics? After all, for example, ordinary golden staphylococcus is extremely sensitive to most antibacterial drugs. What are the causes of vbi?

    Any therapeutic institution has its own microenvironment formed under the influence of antibiotics and disinfection. Antibacterial drugs are sometimes applied without due to the testimony, hospitals and clinic constantly wash, clean, disinfect and microbes have to adapt to these «unbearable» Conditions. As a result of numerous mutations, special hospital strains are formed, antibiotic and disinfectants, extremely aggressive, highly pathogenic and capable survival among patients and medical staff.

    How to deal with vbi?

    The main causes of vibium and how to deal with them?Can I get rid of forever from VBI, if you wash everything thoroughly and disinfected? No. Of course, compliance with sanitary and hygienic standards in medical institutions is necessarily in order to prevent microbial «Imposed». But it does not insure the infection, the microbes sooner or later fit and work out «immunity» to any antiseptic, disinfectant or antibiotic. True, a frequent change of drugs is somewhat difficult «Hospital monsters».

    In essence, any medical institution — Hazardous area for man. However, people who are in the walls of the hospital, for a long time in contact with nosocomialic microbes, become a target for WBI.

    Output one — got into the hospital as soon as a little to do, carry legs! No wonder in the US, the main emphasis in the fight against VBI is made to reduce the time of stay in the hospital. After the operation, the patient is discharged, on average, after 2-3 hours, and if necessary, intensive therapy is kept in the hospital 4-5 days. Further treatment is carried out at home, in safe, from the point of view of WITH CONDITIONS.

    Why we have to lie in the hospital longer that we don't have vibe? Of course, there is, just a problem is silent by the health workers themselves. After all, it is believed that the causes of vibeveries lie in bad work of doctors, nurses and sanitation. BBQ statistics do not reflect reality, cases of diseases are silent, but no problem — No ways to solve it. Therefore, while the Ministry of Health and Sanitary Sanitary Sanitary Service will not change their views on VBI, hospitals will remain dangerous zones for a person.

    What you need to know about vbi?

    • The problem exists and it is extremely acute.
    • Apply antibacterial drugs in their understanding, simply by buying them in a pharmacy on the occasion of sore throat or cough — It is unacceptable, it involuntarily contributes to the emergence of sustainable hazardous forms of microorganisms. As long as the state does not limit the sale of antibacterial agents, it is necessary to solve the problem itself on the principle «Antibiotic only by appointment of a doctor». Independently distinguished infection with virus from bacterial is impossible, you should immediately consult a doctor.
    • Up to 60% of all antibacterial drugs produced in the country are used in agriculture, in particular for the treatment of livestock and birds, so it is better to buy meat from «Checked» sellers, and before cooking soak it in water.
    • And, of course, it is necessary to strengthen your health so as not to hurt and not fall into the hospital.

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