Useful properties of milk mushroom

What can be greater value than health? For centuries, people are trying to find a miraculous means healing from diseases that helps to preserve youth, energy.

The use of artificial chemical preparations most often has a short effect and fraught with side effects. But there are natural «Lekari» - One of the most popular natural medicines can be called milk mushroom. Many are attributed to the dairy mushroom properties of the panacea from all ailments and elixir youth, others do not trust this tools. Let's figure out what kind of substance is for which the milk mushroom is applied.

Chemical composition of milk mushroom

Milk mushroom has other names - kefir (to taste the final product, which is obtained from the tincture of the mushroom) or Tibetan (one of the versions of the mushroom was brought from Tibet, although this fact has not been proven). Milk mushroom is a white body, a grainy structure that appears in the process of interaction of yeast fungi and lactic acid bacteria. Running, milk mushroom, resembles the appearance of the inflorescence of cauliflower, and the drink to taste is similar to kefir and has useful culinary, medical and even cosmetic properties.

Useful properties of milk mushroom

Kefir Mushroom, Medicine, Milk Mushroom, Drink, Folk Medicine, Alternative Medicine

Among the pronounced positive effects of a kefir drink, obtained from a dairy mushroom at home, one can note the normalization of the operation of the gastrointestinal tract and the improvement in the process of digestion. And since the general condition of the immune system, the assimilation of the beneficial substances and vitamins is 80% depends on the state and work of the intestine, the benefit of the milk fungus for the entire human body is obvious.

The organism's health effect is obtained by bifidesbacteria contained in the kefir of the dairy mushroom, these and other useful components have a bacteriostatic and immunomodulatory effect. Regular drinking drink will help to normalize metabolism, Clear the body from slags and other harmful substances that accumulate in a huge amount of food and under the influence of unfavorable environment.

Apply a milk mushroom and, if desired, to lose weight, because with proper use, the resulting drink is well burning excess fat deposits. By the way, a good impact will have a kefir with various allergies, inflammations that can manifest themselves in the form of rashes on the skin - here you can not only drink kefir, but also make compresses from it. In general, the skin wiping with the infusion of a dairy mushroom gives a great cosmetic effect - the skin will become tightened, elastic, will acquire a fresh look. This effect on the skin has a drink and thanks to an abundance Vitamins Groups B, RR, C, E, these and other elements that are part of the kefir strengthen the nervous system, stimulate mental work, remove the load in stressful situations, improve attention and memory, restore sexual functions.

The beneficial effect is provided by milk drink on the cardiovascular system, reduces the risk of heart attack and stroke, helps to cope with the exacerbations of sclerosis and atherosclerosis, headaches, sleep disorders.

The antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory effect of the beverage obtained from the dairy mushroom is observed not only with acute and chronic diseases, but also contributes to the cessation of the growth of cancer cells and helps to be dissolved with benign tumors.

Contraindications for the use of milk mushroom

Kefir Mushroom, Medicine, Milk Mushroom, Drink, Folk Medicine, Alternative Medicine

Along with numerous useful properties, there are a number of contraindications to the use of a dairy mushroom, of course, before receiving the inside of a kefir drink, it is better to consult with a doctor, especially if you know about the presence of serious pathologies or chronic diseases. So here is a list of diseases when you do not need to use treatment with dairy mushroom:

  1. Cannot take kefir in exacerbation of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. It is also worth excluding the use of drinks to people with increased acidity of the gastric juice, or to take a fresh kefir that insisted for no more than 12 hours.
  2. It is forbidden to give to drink kefir and children, especially under the age of three years. Basically, the reason for this restriction in the content of alcohol's share in the drink, and alcohol, even in such small doses, can harm the child. Even adults during the treatment of therapeutic kefir are forbidden to drink alcoholic beverages.
  3. When admitting other types of drugs, you need to consider the combination of kefir and indications for the use of funds. Do at least a three-hour break between the reception of kefir and other drugs.
  4. Cannot take milk mushroom Diabesey, Since the substances contained in the resulting beverage are neutralized by insulin.
  5. With the intolerance of dairy products and protein, the use of milk mushroom is contraindicated.
  6. People suffering Bronchial asthma, It is necessary to eliminate the use of kefir.

Care for a dairy mushroom and a method of making a kefir drink

Kefir Mushroom, Medicine, Milk Mushroom, Drink, Folk Medicine, Alternative Medicine

Milk Mushroom Care Rules are quite simple, the main thing is not to forget to perform them daily, then you will not get a delicious, useful drink at home. You can buy a milk mushroom in special online stores, but it is more often transmitted from hand to hand, because quite quickly gives the process that multiplies.

So, you need to put a milk mushroom into a clean glass container, pour 1 st. L. A dairy mushroom with a glass of non-milk of a temperature room of a temperature, and then leave the mushroom to insist 24 hours at room temperature. Above the container need to cover clean marks, the mushroom is alive and must breathe freely. When a day is held, it is necessary to strain the liquid through gauze or plastic siter - the healing kefir is ready to use! The body of the mushroom, around which thick milk foam is formed, it is necessary to neatly rinse with warm water, and pour into milk again, and again after 24 hours you will get a portion of kefir.

Do not forget to merge the resulting liquid in the morning or in the evening, and flushing the mushroom, you do not need to drink the peroxide kefir! The healing dose of drink is 200-400 ml per day, this amount can be divided into several portions, and take it better in 30-4 minutes before meals. At kefir, you can also start tasty dough. The medical course is 20 days, then you need to take a little break, about a week, and take a kefir again. It is recommended to take a useful drink no more than a year, then again take a break.

Our site warns when you start taking a kefir drink inside, some unpleasant symptoms are possible, for example, gas formation, lung tingling in the field of liver and kidney (especially if there are stones or sand in the kidneys or liver), but after a week addictive the body will stop And you will feel the improvement in the overall condition, the tide of the strength and lightness.

With proper care and use of dairy mushroom, taking into account the general condition of the body, you can get a great result in the process of recovery and the prevention of many diseases.

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