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    Practical use of the virtualmarketing in the market of public health is possible only on the basis of the information market marketing network, that is, the study of systems, storage and processing of marketing data required for all market participants.

    Modern health care more confidentlyIt penetrates the Internet. Since the original purpose of using the Internet in the civil practice was to create a network for communication between the American universities, it laid down a huge amount of scientific and technical, such as medical, information. For the Russian medical institutions with their limited ability to access fresh information sources on the Internet paper media may be the only real source of new data.

    Together with the Internet pharmacies in the network is nowThere are more than 20 thousand. units, related to health. Unfortunately, instead of solving information problems many servers directly sell medicines or medical equipment or direct users to the electronic stores of their partners, and then receive a percentage of sales. In some cases, this practice suffers from bias recommendations.

    The methods and techniques of marketing research on the Internet include:

    • Medicine Onlineproprietary research and product market structure on Web-servers of different healthcare company profile;
    • Study of Internet users as a current or potential customers.

    Internet may be divided into more or lessvisited, specialized and non-specialized, and advertising - to the text, banner and Linkova. The most visited are the least specialized pages. Advertising on such pages are usually cheaper, but the payoff can be quite high. The success of such advertising is that information located in the place which the user is looking for, and it need only be at the right time at the desired location.

    We give the following example. You must sell a batch of medical equipment - such as test systems. It is a specific product, and advertising on the health pages of large catalogs of 400-1000 dollars. Per month will give the same number of customers, as well as a message posted for 40-100 dollars. In the pages of "Medical Equipment".

    One of the areas of Internet advertising isactive marketing, which is to promote the product and promoting large-scale sales to the appearance of the goods on the market. active marketing task is to determine the effective demand for the advertised product. To do this, the advertiser provides outsourced Internet company materials on this product in the form of instructions, annotations, scientific publications and advertising, and the like, which are structured and placed on the Internet in one or more specialized sites with the target audience (eg, medical sites) attendance is comparable with a circulation of popular medical journals. Due to the simplicity of the feedback on the web buyers issues such as the place and conditions of sales, for additional information, and the like, is formed on the effective demand on the database product and potential consumers.

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