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Male menopause

In our society, there is a stereotype thatdetermines the behavior of men in society. We say that men should not cry, to blossom, to complain about the difficulties of life and the suffering of other sentimental nonsense, that is the lot of the female half of humanity. Men are not for nothing called the stronger sex. Nevertheless, a strong half of mankind lives there comes a moment when they find themselves helpless before nature. "What can we do?" - Ask themselves many questions. After a visit to the doctors and, surprisingly, it is also considered to be the prerogative of women. Most men will agree to go to the doctor only when all options are tried, and no relief and no. Then begin careful questioning of friends, peers, whether they feel anything similar to your status, and then suddenly it turns out that this "something" is happening with them. Those of the men who dared to visit andrologist may say "something" that happens to them - it male menopause.

The problem of early prevention of pathologicalmenopause is closely linked to the overall objectives of prevention of premature aging. This process is natural and logical, but often it gets perverted character. We like to give up, allowing the disease to attack the aging body, not only can not protect the body, but also indulging in this process.

Yes, it turns out, "it is time to autumn of life" comes not only from the beautiful half of humanity. This test is prepared nature and men.

Men's Health after 40 yearsWhen we talk about the female menopause, the firstWe mean all such changes in the female body, which deprive a woman's ability to conceive and bear children. What is male menopause, if prior to old age men do not lose their fertility? Before the eyes of many examples where men aged far beyond the 40 children appeared. This and Valery Zolotukhin, and Oleg Tabakov. And it is no surprise that the happily married Boris Klyuyev, Leonid Zhukhovitskii, Joseph Schwartz, and because they are older than their wives for 10-30 years. What can we say about the elders, Caucasian centenarians ... Knowing this, we can rest assured that the men "climax submissive."

very important in the age of menopause is notreduce the frequency of sexual intercourse, as far as possible to delay the extinction of sexual function. Although the 45-year-old man's testosterone level is significantly lower than that of 25-year-old, but it is quite enough to nullify all attempts at sex. Moreover, it was after 40 and over, many couples begin to experience much more pleasure from sex than in younger years. At this age, both partners are already well aware of what they want to have sex, and what excites them most. Knowing each other for quite a long time, they do not hesitate to experiment and try new poses.

For the prevention of menopause also needstreamline the regime of the day, as much as possible to solve the psychological trauma-ating situation and feasible to perform physical activities, not forgetting about dieting. If you smoke, try to give up this habit and try not to be in smoke-filled rooms. Daily poured first hot and then cold water. Douches will help to tone your vessels and harden the body. Men critical age must from time to time to visit andrologist. Subject to these simple guidelines, you can quite easily move this difficult period.

In conclusion I would like once again to pay attentionof our readers to the fact that the male menopause - a temporary phenomenon, it can go completely unnoticed for you and does not cause any harm to the health and well-being, if you are driving with the correct way of life. If, however, due to the peculiarities of your nervous system and the body's climax state still manifested itself in a negative way - follow our tips and tricks and just passing the necessary examination by specialists, you can regain your strength and prolong youth.

Male menopause - it is not any incurableillness or even temporary discomfort, and the normal state of the organism, which, like all living things on earth, is undergoing some changes. Yes, menopause is a shock for some men. But this is no surprise, because life in general consists of the happy and unpleasant psychic "shocks". To what type of turmoil can be attributed your climax, it depends only on you, your mood, character and lifestyle.

And, of course, watch your health. Then you will not be afraid of not only the climax but also the other problems of old age in the future, and indeed life will seem a lot more beautiful. After all, only a healthy person can feel all the charm of her, knowing that he can do anything.

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