How to withdraw from the binge

It is sad sounds, almost everyoneWe've heard the phrase "went into heavy drinking." Each subsequent day drinker worse and more painful the previous one, since alcohol intoxication with each new dose of alcohol increases. Let's try to suggest what methods can effectively help a person in deriving it from the binge.

Drinker people - is real punishment for relatives and others. our site will try to suggest what methods can effectively help a person in deriving it from binge at home.

What is a binge?

How to withdraw from the binge
It is sad sounds, almost everyoneWe've heard the phrase "went into heavy drinking." It's about a man who drinks alcohol every day without a break for a few days or weeks and yourself to stay longer can. Each subsequent day drinker worse and more painful the previous one, since alcohol intoxication with each new dose of alcohol increases the body's resources and aimed at refining poison, are not infinite. A person standing in a drinking bout, becoming physically ill and many consciously drink every day, because they are afraid of future torment associated with a hangover.

Drinker people - is a sick man and to himIt should be treated as a patient. Principle, which states that like cures like, in this case, absolutely not appropriate. One of the main rules in the derivation of human binge - a ban on alcohol at all, even small, seemingly therapeutic doses.

How quickly sober man

How to withdraw from the binge
In order to start output of man from the binge,he needs a little sober. For this purpose, a glass of water at room temperature, add 2-5 drops of ammonia and give the patient to drink. This "recipe" is strictly forbidden for people with heart disease.

Then a cold shower. If a shower is not obtained, then plant a patient in the bath and water it with cool water for 15 minutes, then fill the bath with water at room temperature and let it soak for another 15-25 minutes. Follow located in Bath, he was drunk and could drown.

The third step is detoxification of the bodyThe census man. The body drinker oversaturated toxins and poisons that are formed as a result of the processing of alcohol, they and cause a hangover, so just need to be cleansed. Suffer from binge person must wash out the stomach, which is dissolved in 1 liter of water 1 tablespoon of the mixture of salt and baking soda in equal parts, to give drink to the patient, and then make him gag reflex by finger pressure on the root of the tongue.

Another method of purification is an enema. Cleansing enema frees the patient from poisonous venom toxins and feces, which is in the body, will continue to slowly poison the human food processing ethanol. The amount of cleaning enema should be about 1.5-2 liters of fluid. Enema is good to do with the addition of honey in an amount of 1 tablespoon per volume above. You can also use herbal camomile tea, make it simple. Pour 1-2 tablespoons of dried chamomile flowers into a thermos, pour a glass of hot boiled water and insist 15 minutes, strain, wring out the residue, the resulting infusion is added to the water for an enema.

Facilitates general state

How to withdraw from the binge
Few sober person is given a drinkhot drink with honey (in the cup 1 tablespoon honey). Drink you must drop method, that is, in small sips. Well if the patient is able to drink two glasses. First, honey - it is truly a magical drink that contains a lot of useful minerals and fructose, which helps the process of sobering up and neutralize the effects of alcohol. Secondly, drink drip method allows the patient to sweat and remove toxins through the pores of the skin. Pot remove clean damp towel from his face and all over the body. After honey drinks can be given herbal decoctions of valerian, Leonurus, mint or any of the finished medicinal soothing collection of herbs. One of the signs of a hangover is anxiety and neurosis. These herbal teas soothe the patient and prepare it for further sleep. The total amount of liquid drunk should be at least 2 liters, all drinks consumed without sugar.

While the patient is drinking medicinal drinks, it will be usefulput him on the forehead cold wet towel and change it periodically. This procedure will reduce the headache. After these procedures, you must immediately go to sleep or even take a nap.

In addition to the popular methods for removing a person frombinge can be used Corvalol. It is an affordable drug sedation. The scheme of the following: every three to five hours by taking 25 ml of this agent. Along with korvalola as a drink, you can use a drug like rehydron. One packet is dissolved per liter of drinking water and given to the patient. The main purpose of the use rehydron - is the restoration of water and acid-base balance of the body.

Good effect gives the combination of folk and medical techniques.

Restoring the body

How to withdraw from the binge
After beginning to recover from the bingea person sleeps, he needs further recuperation. For what it is desirable to eat. This can be oatmeal with a pinch of salt or meat broth (as a variant of soup on a meat broth). Perhaps the appetite is not quite, but even eating a little food, the patient feels better.

After the time necessary to give vitamin C. More effective is the use of effervescent tablets of vitamin C from the pharmacy. This is because the body needs to be dose of 1000 mg, and of the products to get her in an amount impossible. If the pharmacy version of vitamin C is not present, we use sauerkraut or tea with lemon.

Continue to give the suffering person abundantdrink: soda water, soothing herbal extracts, cabbage or cucumber pickle, juice, yogurt. Under the ban coffee and strong tea - are energy drinks that cause stimulation of the nervous system.

On the body recover from the binge goes day, and maybe more. During this period, you need to sleep, and to adhere to the above rules on nutrition.

Due to the fact that alcohol withdrawalsyndrome (hangover) hazard is superior drug in severe and prolonged binge cases it is advisable to seek specialized medical centers for qualified medical help.

It must be remembered that deducing from hard drinking is not a treatment for alcoholism. If a person can not independently control the consumption of alcohol, in order to avoid further repetitions drunken phenomena must begin to treat alcoholism.

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