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    Scabies has been known since ancient times. Aristotle thought that it causes the smallest living organisms. But the first reliable description of the originators scabies was done only after you have created a microscope.

    Not only fitting

    Infected scabies any person, anyage and social origin. Itch mite parasite in human skin (in the picture - at the top right). Activities mite causes an allergic reaction with itching and skin rash.

    The disease is transmitted by contact. From patient to a healthy mites can get there if people use a common bed linen, clothes. We shake hands with the patient - have picked up the infection. I sleep in a bed, on which the sleeping patient scabies - prepare for the visit to the doctor. The sources of the disease are mattresses and pillows in trains and hotels, private rented accommodation. Infection can occur if you are buying a new thing, not had washed her, and before that it tried on a patient with scabies people.

    Set the exact source of infection iscomplicated. The incubation period lasts from 2 to 6 weeks during the initial infection, and at repeated - from one day. Do not think that scabies can be picked up only in Russia. The disease is an international and state borders are not an obstacle.

    What you need to know about scabiesIn a warm bed

    The main symptoms of the disease are cutaneousitching, worse in the evening and at night (this is not only a warm bed, but the fact that the mites are nocturnal). There are small pink nodules with a bubble and bloody crust on the top (see. Figure). In addition, the skin may appear a different shape of the band and abrasions from scratching, often joins pustular skin diseases. This greatly complicates the detection and disease can lead to complications. Severe itching leads to insomnia, malaise.

    The female mite penetrates the stratum corneum andlays there itch moves, which lays up to 50 eggs, out of which 3-7 days are formed larvae. The transformation of the larvae mature ticks lasts up to several weeks.

    Where fine

    Scabies mites penetrate typically thinnerskin, so eruptions are located in the interdigital folds of brushes on the flexor surfaces of arms and legs in the waist, abdomen, buttocks, the breasts in women, genital organs. On the face, scalp adults rash usually does not happen. But kids can be symptoms of scabies in the scalp, face, palms, soles. Tick ​​bites are usually paired, between moves mite visible under the skin.

    If you suspect scabies, as well as at any otherskin problems, you should immediately consult a dermatologist. Engage in self-diagnosis should not, as a layman can not distinguish the symptoms of scabies from other skin diseases. Self-treatment is even more dangerous, in this case the chances of full recovery are significantly reduced and there are deleted form of the disease (for example, pre-treatment with hormonal ointments). Patients who self-medicate, represent a danger to others, as a source of infectious disease.

    Scabies is it?

    A sick must strictly follow the instructions of the doctor. Things are desirable to treat the patient in a special chamber, and at impossibility of such a disinfestation - ironed with a hot iron, to ventilate the air for 5 days, with frost overnight. Bed and under her floor mats sanitized.

    If the home patient with scabies there are animals, should consult a veterinarian. Perhaps they are the source of infection if they had contact with stray animals.

    Incidentally, the cause of human disease can bescabies, which occur in animals (sarcoptic mange), it is caused by another type of mite that human skin is not implemented, it does not reproduce, are not transmitted from person to person, but the bite so that there is pruritus (psevdosarkoptoz).

    It should be remembered that after the destruction of mitesIt can be kept itching - like an allergic reaction. The incidence of scabies is also dependent on the general state of human immunity. The disease is easier to prevent than to treat, but if it came, needed early diagnosis and treatment.

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