How to get rid of parasites, which are not


How to get rid of parasites, which are not

Let's start with the traditional medicine, which generously
It offers an impressive pack of recipes to expel parasites from the body.

Herbal ineffective against parasites. Moreover, it
dangerous! It's simple. Take, for example, tansy and wormwood, which are considered
the most effective anthelmintic herbs. In those concentrations which
can poison the parasites, these herbs are dangerous to humans because they can
and poison it. In the same amounts as recommended by herbalists and
numerous forums and articles, and wormwood and tansy, and other "anthelmintic"
grass completely ineffective. Besides getting small and parasites
non-critical to their survival amounts of poison can lead to extremely
unwanted effects. Namely frightened parasites can penetrate
the intestinal wall in search of another comfortable habitat. any output
parasites from their "correct" area and threatens the health of human life and
It requires immediate medical intervention.

Incidentally, anthelmintic pharmaceuticals obtained
organism in a low dosage, have the same effect as "frightening" parasites.

Unfortunately, even in the early twenty-first century, some doctors believe that
degelmintiki need to take preventive and at least once a year. And you can not
recipe, because "we are conducting a preventive for dogs and cats
antiparasitic treatment "means, and the people is not only possible, but necessary. That
antiparasitic drugs is far from harmless, overlooked. In any
disorders of the heart, liver and kidneys can be de-worming
contraindicated. Therefore, to self-medicate, without conducting thorough
checking for the presence of parasites in the body, can not in any case!

Instead of scaring you state that may
cause living in the gut parasites recall of antiparasitic action
simple and mandatory.

  1. How to get rid of parasites, which are notWash
    hands before eating. And not just rinse and wash them with warm water
    soap. With a bag should always be wet wipes and a bottle of
    antiseptic gel. By the way, about the gel. Not everyone knows, but it is
    Today, the most effective and easiest way to keep elementary
    hygiene. Before you take up your underwear in a public toilet,
    remember that you have just touched the door handles and latches,
    to which you touch a hundred hands of very different degree of "purity." press out
    at the drop of antiseptic hand - brainer!
  2. carefully
    Wash brush and warm water all fruits and vegetables, including their own, from the garden to
    dacha. The common idea that all that grew in the native
    a bed, a "clean" - no more than a myth, unless you are watering your
    landing distilled or boiled water.
  3. keep
    spotlessly clean the hallway. Wash your dog's paws with warm water and soap -
    as well as their hands after streets or landing. Do not let
    cats outside the apartment.
  4. forget
    that three seconds to lie down on the floor can remain clean. dropping on
    half an apple, and in considering it quickly pick up and continue eating, think,
    if you want to lick the place where it had just fallen. Surely not? Even
    after you otdraivali half floors in the apartment with the help of cleaning
    means? For the same reasons, fallen on the floor food must come back to you in
    mouth only after washing. And you do not regret this unfortunate piece of road
    raw sausage! Pity their health.
  5. AND
    last thing. Whatever the "bloodthirsty" you no different, put a cross on
    steak with blood and authentic sushi. Without blood, you can live a long time. A
    But with the presence of worms in the intestines multimeter - perhaps as long
    but is unlikely to be as happy.

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