How is scarlet fever?


  • How is scarlet fever?
  • Who is affected
    scarlet fever?

  • How is scarlet fever?
    Scarlet fever
    - An infectious disease characterized by an acute course, the general symptoms
    intoxication, development of angina and the appearance of punctate rash all over the body. The causative agent of scarlet fever -
    beta-hemolytic streptococcus, showing toxigenic, and septic
    allergenic properties.

    How is scarlet fever?

    pathogens are primarily healthy carriers
    streptococcus. The microorganisms inhabit the skin and infected tonsils
    people, cause the development of banal tonsillitis, pharyngitis, streptococcal. Development of interest
    our disease is only possible under certain conditions to become a pathogen of scarlet fever,
    Streptococcus acquires the ability to produce toxins, which increases
    the permeability of blood vessels and provides insight into the microbe
    general circulation.

    most important source of infection is sick with scarlet fever. special
    danger to healthy people, they are in the early days of the disease and
    3 weeks later. Pathogens scarlet fever allocated to the environment
    together with saliva when coughing, sneezing, talking. They settle on objects
    utensils, dishes, linens, toys. The child is in contact with these objects and
    dirty hands puts an infection in the mouth - that's how transferred scarlet fever.

    Who is affected
    scarlet fever?

    Scarlet fever
    is quite clear seasonality observed rise in the incidence in the fall and
    winter. More sick residents of regions with temperate and cold climates. AT
    mainly doctors recorded children
    scarlet fever. And if before the bulk of the cases were children
    up to 2 years, but now it has become a scarlet fever disease preschoolers and younger pupils
    classes. The representatives of organized groups of children get sick more often than
    domestic students. Cases of carriers of pathogenic streptococci in children
    It is also not uncommon.

    Flash child scarlet fever often
    preceded by an increased incidence of streptococcal infection. If kindergarten
    frequent cases of sore throat, or streptococcal, parents should pay special
    attention to the health of the child.

    transferred scarlet fever in a child is immune to the pathogen
    infection. However, the immune system is characterized by protivoskarlatinozny
    type-specific, in rare cases recurrent disease, if it is
    pathogen Streptococcus become another serovar.

    The history of scarlet fever

    feature of scarlet fever is the presence of periodic ups and downs
    incidence at intervals of 2-4 years. Large outbreaks of scarlet fever occur
    every 40-50 years after they showed a significant reduction in the incidence of
    disease that is primarily due to the increase in the number of immune individuals and
    the creation of herd immunity.

    That is interesting from the
    flares scarlet fever as a disease changes the nature of its flow.
    In the 60s of the XVII century T. Sydenham described
    the clinical picture of scarlet fever as a "slight, hardly deserves mention
    suffering". However, 15 years later, faced with a severe scarlet fever, he
    also I put this infection on a par with the plague.

    And in the XVII, and XIX century were followed by scarlet fever epidemic light of severe outbreaks
    diseases claim the lives of up to 30-40% of patients.

    In Russia in the XIX century there were three large scarlet fever outbreak. The first - from 1891 to 1901, with
    a gradual decrease in incidence by 1917. The second - from 1918 to 1942 and
    peak in 1930, when the scarlet fever was the third child prevalence
    infection, and a third - from 1946 to 1955. In subsequent years, the Soviet Union had
    registered three raises the incidence of scarlet fever in 1955, 1960,
    1966, but the number of cases decreased significantly each time,
    almost erased seasonal differences, the infection began to flow much
    easier. Today, scarlet fever can be found very rarely, however,
    this is not a reason to relax. It is important to know the symptoms of the disease not to
    skip it and prevent the tragic outcome of the disease.

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