The rash on the body of a child


The rash on the body of a child
Under the appearance of a rash meant pathological
cells in the skin and mucous membranes, which differ from the normal
epidermis color, texture and appearance. Often the rash
accompanied by itching and redness. The rash may appear blisters, patches,
papules and blisters. Children's skin is very delicate and susceptible to the slightest
stimuli. The rash may not be the threat as is the case with white dots
on the skin of newborns, who are on their own after a few days.
This white rash called "mile". The reasons for the appearance of skin rashes in children

  • infringement
    Genetic character;
  • food
    allergies (including non-compliance with the mother's diet);
  • reaction
    on medicines;
  • contact,
    diaper and atopic dermatitis;
  • prickly heat;
  • hives;
  • reaction
  • neonatal
  • hormone
  • violation
    work of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • effect
    ambient temperature.

When a rash all sorts seek
using a pediatrician.

Types of children's rash

In most cases, small eruptions on the skin
children do not threaten. Let us examine in more detail, the rash can talk about anything at
infants and children:

  1. food
    allergy appears reddish or pink rash, mostly on the cheeks and
    child's chin. Eruptions are prone to flaking. In the period of breast
    feeding is very important diet of the mother: in the case of allergies in children
    experts do not recommend eating salmon, citrus fruits, whole
    milk, nuts and tomatoes. Cause allergic reactions and can lure,
    so the use of an artificial mixture for feeding the baby, it is desirable
    agree with the pediatrician.
  2. The rash on the body of a childRash
    as a reaction to drugs is a side effect
    antibiotics, hormones, vitamin complexes, and others. If you have
    such a reaction, the use of drugs should be halted or find a replacement.
  3. If
    on the child's skin is noticeable small rash, similar to grated skin, most
    all, you are dealing with contact dermatitis. It occurs due to failure
    choice of detergent for clothes baby or the use of allergenic
  4. at
    parents use diapers are often found with diaper dermatitis,
    We are developing as a result of prolonged contact of skin with a damp cloth. This
    kind of dermatitis manifests redness and scaly bubbles. that
    prevent diaper dermatitis, change diapers should be timely and
    baby diapers. For the treatment used special ointments with healing
    the effect of (D-panthenol, Bepanten et al.). The pediatrician also may prescribe
    antibacterial and antifungal agents.
  5. atopic
    It refers to allergic dermatitis diseases. The reasons for its occurrence are different
    - From the wrong mother to use the power of cosmetics. Basically this
    allergy develops a swelling in the area of ​​forehead and cheeks. Then there are
    redness and skin peeling of hands, buttocks and legs. The next step of development
    atopic dermatitis is the appearance of bubbles on the skin and itching,
    enlarged tonsils possible. For successful treatment it is important to time the pediatrician
    identify irritant and assign appropriate antihistamines
  6. slightly
    convex fine pink rash - sudamen - develops sweating duty
    and when overheated. From it is easy to get rid of using baby powder.
  7. Hives
    and it looks like a burn from stinging nettle, hence its name. The reasons it
    the appearance of a variety of: heat, cold, stress, tight gum on clothes.
    To cope with this disease will help antihistamines.
  8. neonatal
    acne is called acne newborn. Her area of ​​distribution - person
    neck and scalp. These pimples generally do not fester and do not require
    special treatment. Their appearance is associated with normalization of hormonal
  9. Rash
    as a reaction to infection can warn of roseola, scarlet fever,
    chicken pox, measles, rubella, meningococcal and intestinal infections. These
    diseases are more serious and require the intervention of a pediatrician and
    the appointment of competent treatment.

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