Rubella in children: symptoms, the main forms of treatment


Rubella in children: symptoms, the main forms of treatment
Rubella refers to a group of children's diseases, itSymptoms: fever, rash, and sore throat. The acquired form has the most mild of these diseases include, but intrauterine infection leads to severe pathologies. With the features of this disease, you can explore in this article.

Infection with rubella

Rubella - a viral infection. Children can be infected by airborne droplets or during fetal development. The acquired form of the disease occurs easily in children younger than 6 years. Most often, rubella sick children from 1 year to 7 years, odnakozarazitsya at any age, including adults. Children with congenital form of the disease may shed rubella virus in the urine and feces within 1.5-2 years.

What is rubella in children

Symptoms depend on the mode of infection.

Unlike most acquired infectionsKids get sick rubella is much easier than adults or adolescents. In this case, the children are usually symptoms are mild or even absent. Classic symptoms of rubella:

  • a slight inflammation of the pharynx;
  • runny nose (rhinitis);
  • mild conjunctivitis;
  • or slightly elevated temperature is within the physiological range;
  • small red spots on the soft palate, and inside of the cheeks;
  • rash appears on the face, but within a fewhours spread throughout the body. Usually it a bit. Most often it affects the places of natural folds, buttocks and back. The rash of rubella medium-sized, spotted, spots are not slivayutsyamezhdu. After 2-3 days it disappears leaving no pigmentation;
  • the most characteristic feature of rubella is swollen lymph nodes, particularly neck and zadnesheynyh;
  • teens may complain of headache and muscle pain.

When rubella complications in children are rare, manifested in the form of arthritis and encephalitis.
Congenital form occurs at penetrationvirus in the body of the developing fetus. Infection of the fetus ends in miscarriage or the birth of a baby with low birth weight and a classic triad of symptoms: cataract, deafness, heart defects. Women without rubella before pregnancy is strongly recommended to be vaccinated because of the serious consequences for the health of the newborn rebenka.Rezhe diagnose other pathologies: underdevelopment of the brain, eyes (microphthalmia), splenomegaly, hepatitis. But many faults difficult to recognize immediately after birth. They appear in a few months. These include, for example, the defeat of the tubular bones.

In congenital form of the disease rash appears immediately after birth and lasts 1-2 weeks. On the body of the baby may be petechial hemorrhages.

rubella Treatment

Rubella in children: symptoms, the main forms of treatment
When acquired form of rubella drugTreatment is usually not required. During eruptions child must comply with bed rest, food should be dietary and drinking - ample. To remove the painful symptoms your doctor may prescribe a child gargling decoction of chamomile or similar. They also can be wiped his eyes with conjunctivitis.

In congenital rubella in children treatment is aimed at eliminating the consequences of defects.


Vaccination against rubella children do twice: on reaching one year and 7.6 years. But many experts are inclined to believe that it is better to give the child ill with rubella during the preschool years, especially girls. At an early age rubella transferred very easily, and immunity lasts for a lifetime.

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