Games for children with hyperactivity syndrome


  • «Find the difference»
  • «Affectionate legs»
  • «Brownian motion»
  • «Pass the ball»
  • «Forbidden move»
  • «Kite»

  • «

    Find the difference»

    Develop the ability to concentrate attention on the details.

    The child draws any simple picture (cat, house and other.) And transfers
    her adult, and himself turns away. Adult tears a few
    details and returns a picture. The child should notice what has changed
    In the picture. Then adult and the child can change roles.

    The game can be done with a group of children. In this case, children in turn
    draw on a blackboard any drawing and turn away (while the possibility
    Motion is not limited). Adult drawing a few details.
    Children looking at the drawing, must say what changes occurred.


    Affectionate legs»

    Games for children with hyperactivity syndrome
    Remove tension, muscle clips, reduce aggressiveness, develop
    Sensual perception, harmonize relations between the child and

    Adult picks up 6-7 small items of various textures: a piece
    fur, brush, glass bottle, beads, wool and t. D. All this is laid out
    on the table. The child is offered to talk hand over the elbow; Educator
    explains that the hand will walk «Zverek» and concerned
    affectionate legs. Need to guess with closed eyes, what «Zverek»
    Touching your hand - guess the subject. Touch must be stroking,

    Option game: «Zverek» will touch the cheek, knee,
    Palm. You can change with the child places.


    Brownian motion»

    develop the ability to distribute attention.

    All children get up in a circle. The presenter rises into the center of the circle one after another
    Tennis balls. Children communicate the rules of the game: the balls should not stop
    and roll out beyond the circle, you can push them with a leg or hand.
    If participants successfully fulfill the rules of the game, the presenter rises additional
    Number of goals. The meaning of the game is to establish a command record by quantity
    balls in a circle.


    Pass the ball»

    Remove excessive motor activity.

    Sitting on chairs or standing in a circle, playing trying as quickly as possible
    pass the ball without dropping it to his neighbor. Can be as fast as possible
    throw the ball to each other or pass it by turning back in a circle
    And removing your hands behind my back. You can complicate the exercise by asking children
    Play with closed eyes, or use in the game at the same time several


    Forbidden move»

    The game with clear rules is organized, disciplines children, splits
    playing, develops the speed of the reaction and causes healthy emotional

    Children stand face to lead. To the music with the beginning of each clock they
    repeat movements that show the lead. Then selected one
    Movement that cannot be performed. One who will repeat
    movement coming out of the game.

    Instead of showing movements, you can call out loud numbers. Participants of the game
    All numbers are repeated, except for one, forbidden, for example, figures «five». When the children will hear her, they will have to clap
    in your hands (or work in place).



    develop attention, speed reaction, skill follow instructions
    adult, teach the skills of interaction with children.

    The teacher puts on a chicken cap and says that all children - «Chickens»
    - Live with mom-chicken coop. The chicken can be denoted
    soft blocks or chairs. Then «hen» with «Chickens»
    walk (walk around the room). As soon as the educator says: «Kite»
    (Previously with children is held conversation, during which they are explained,
    who is such a cow and why chickens should be avoided), all children
    Run back to B «Chicken coop». After that, the teacher chooses
    Other «chicken» From among playing children. The game is repeated.

    In conclusion, the educator invites all children to get out of «Smokenika»
    and walk, quietly having fluttering her hands like wings, dance together,
    jump. You can offer children to search «Chicken», which the
    Lost. Children with the educator are looking for a predefined toy
    - Fluffy chicken. Kids together with the educator are considering a toy,
    stroke her, regret and attribute to the place.

    In order to develop motor skills, you can complicate the game next
    way. In order to get into the house-chicken coop, children should not just
    run into it, and crawl under the speech, which lies at an altitude of 60-70

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