Synechia of the labia


  • Causes of adhesions
  • Manifestations of adhesions
  • Complications of adhesions
  • Diagnosis and treatment of adhesions

  • Synechia of the labia - this is their fusion with each other as a result of inflammation or any other violation. Most often, this problem occurs in girls during infancy.

    In the formation of adhesions labiafused at the entrance to the urethra, making it difficult to urinate, causing discomfort and baby. Parents often do not notice or do not attach due importance to that of their child that something is wrong and as a result, the disease is often detected only during the medical examination. Unfortunately, such sad cases occur quite often. And so it is better to own the information and, if necessary, and the situation than to let things take their course.

    Causes of adhesions

    Abuse hygiene

    The problem arises from the fact that my mothertoo neat, and tempted the girl several times a day, so even with soap. The girl the mucous membrane of the vulva (the external genitalia) is very thin. When exposed to soap, frequent friction, wearing tight clothing, it is easily injured. And while healing occurs fusion of the labia minora - there are adhesions. But do not think that washing - enemy number one for the girls. Those who does not follow the personal hygiene of the child, the fusion of the labia minora meet at least.

    Inflammation of the urinary tract

    Some girls appearance of adhesions - a signthe presence of inflammation in the urinary tract. Dangerous bacteria get to the delicate mucous membrane of the vulva, there is inflammation, which leads to the seam. Therefore, to avoid this situation, it is necessary to pass urinalysis and urine culture for the presence of infection there.

    Inflammation of the genitals

    Adhesions can form during long-termduring inflammatory processes in the genital organs - with vulvovaginitis. Chronic vulvovaginitis can occur in girls for sexual infections. And do not be surprised. They are transmitted not only during intimate contact. Many varieties of genital infections are transmitted through everyday. Often parents are the source of the disease. Infection can occur from the mother during childbirth. Then the girl can be a source of chronic infection. It can transfer from a foreign washcloths, towels, as these microbes are well preserved in a moist environment. That is why the baby linen should be washed separately from adults, and things on, boil opportunities. It will not hurt also to iron it hot iron. The real threat to pick up any of the sexually transmitted infections or fungus exists when bathing in natural reservoirs.


    Manifestations allergic reactions most oftenexpressed on the skin. But we must not forget that along with the skin commonly affected and mucous membranes. Parents involved treatment of cutaneous manifestations, can not pay attention to the redness of the vulva in girls. So moms and dads with girls diathesis, allergic manifestations need to be particularly attentive to the condition of the mucous membrane of the genital tract of the child. Exclude from the diet of baby foods that cause allergies, not to provoke another response and inflammation. The risk of adhesions is very high.

    Toxicosis during pregnancy

    It is noticed that the adhesions often develop in thesituations where the pregnancy was with intrauterine infection, with severe preeclampsia (toxemia). So mom, which during pregnancy had similar problems, you need to be especially careful in this regard and be sure to visit the children's gynecologist as soon as the baby turns one year old.

    Manifestations of adhesions

    Synechia of the labiaFirstly, if you have noticed his crumbsany changes in the structure of the genital organs, or that you do not understand something, do not hesitate and do not think that is as it should be. Consult your child's gynecologist. Enrich your space on the anatomy, especially when it comes to the health of your child.

    Secondly, if the baby is having troublewhen urinating: straining, uncomfortable, cranky, crying, and it is accompanied by virtually every act, it is necessary to sound the alarm. Do not write that child refuses to sit on the potty because of a whim. Maybe it's a signal.

    Third, regularly inspect the genitalsbaby - it should be in the range of hygienic measures. When a rash, redness, peeling or secretions do not think that everything will go by itself. Hope to deal with the problem of domestic methods most often not justified. Incorrect or late initiation of treatment can lead to complications.

    Thus, the appearance of the above mentioned complaints or issues related to the state of the genitals girls immediately for an explanation, refer to the gynecologist children and adolescents.

    Complications of adhesions

    Adhesions really dangerous and are fora big problem. Transition to chronic acute process - that's not all. The thing that caused adhesions can progress. With the growth of the genitals, the girl may not form the crotch and as a result - a serious violation of fertility. This is manifested miscarriage and frequent threats of miscarriage, and infertility. That is why at the slightest suspicion is better to consult a doctor.

    Diagnosis and treatment of adhesions

    Children's gynecologist will examine the vulva girls. If necessary, take tests:

    • strokes
    • Crop on flora with definition of sensitivity to antibiotics,
    • tests for infections (chlamydiosis, mycoplasmosis, gonorrhea, trichomoniasis, bacterial vaginosis, herpes virus, cytomegalovirus, etc.)
    • ultrasound of the pelvic organs.

    After receiving the results of the survey, Dr.appoint a special complex treatment of adhesions. Depending on the process, the doctor will prescribe conservative (without the help of surgery) or surgical treatment and give advice on proper care, hygiene, and that is important, for the baby diet.

    When fusion of the labia minora revealedin time, it is easy to treat. Locally applied a special ointment and labia gradually diverge. In severe cases it is necessary to disconnect them surgically. In any case, the need to treat adhesions.

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