What is a compression fracture in children?


  • Classification of compression fractures
  • Diagnosis of spinal compression fractures in children

  • A compression fracture of the vertebrae in childrenIt is known that the spine and vertebrae themselvesable to withstand considerable stress and strain. But, unfortunately, the impact of traumatic factors such as, for example, the impact of considerable force, drop back or legs, a decrease in bone density in osteoporosis results in a compression fracture of the vertebrae in children and adults. This injury is characterized by a decrease in vertebral body height and due to their mechanical squeezing or flattening.

    It is clear that not all necessarily damageend compression fracture. Sometimes mother scream in horror when the child falls, it would seem, can not avoid trouble, but the kid got up by himself or with the help of others, wept and calmed down. It sometimes happens that uncomplicated compression fracture naraspoznannym remains for a long time, but after a while, often when jumping to his feet revealed its characteristic features. What are the causes of compression fractures? Typically, this is due to a weak bone calcium content due to osteoporosis, affecting bones and vertebrae.

    The main symptoms of a compression fracture are:

    • unbearable pain in the limbs and spine trauma;
    • weakness and numbness when damaged nerve endings.

    Classification of compression fractures

    Depending on severity of the diseaseCompression fractures are 1, 2 and 3 degrees. On the favorable outcome of the first degree and can speak, if marked compression of the vertebrae are not more than 1 \ 3 of its height. The second stage is characterized by the presence of lesions and compression half of the vertebra, the third degree - a complicated fracture, which requires particularly careful diagnosis to select upcoming treatment. Very dangerous injury is comminuted fracture where the bone is broken into several parts, damaging ligaments and touches the nerve endings.

    A compression fracture of the spine in childrenThe most conservative case requirestreatment with analgesic therapy, the temporary fixation of the spine in a special corset, performing complex exercise, physical therapy and special massage. The use of prescribed medication and adequate health care procedures can lead to fused vertebrae. Rehabilitation involves making all the necessary measures to create a strong muscular system, power is restored and the blood supply to the vertebrae.

    In the treatment of uncomplicated compression fractures released several periods.

    1. Stationary, lasting up to 30 days with a mandatory stay in a hospital department, laying on the shield with the lowered foot end and functional traction.
    2. Ambulatory - 31 th to 60th day, in turn subdivided into several stages, depending on the exercise tolerance and the volume of the dosage walk training.
    3. Sanatorium 61 days prior to the expiration of the first year,which is still expected to sleep on a board, daily physiotherapy, massage courses, inductothermy, magnetic. Anticipated clinical examination by a specialist before 2 years.

    Diagnosis of spinal compression fractures in children

    It is important to recognize and treat a fracturevertebrae in the future this may lead to a defect of the spinal column, and as a result, to paralysis of the limbs and even disability. Depending on the site of injury distinguish fracture:

    • the cervical spine;
    • thoracic;
    • the lumbar.

    Diagnosis compression fracture is carried out using complex procedures, including:

    1. X-ray of the spine;
    2. CT scan;
    3. MRI;
    4. densitometry for the detection of osteoporosis;
    5. general neurological examination with the assessment of spinal cord function.

    Even in the case of successful prediction parentsit should be understood that a compression fracture is a very dangerous disease that can lead to paralysis of limbs, and total immobility. In the case of the child's back injury is necessary to see a doctor, self-will not bring any fruit, except for the lost time. The spine is treated, it is successfully doing experts, relying on rehabilitation and prevention system.

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