Social difficulties of people with Asperger Syndrome


What social difficulties are experiencing people with Asperger Syndrome

Social disorders found in Asperger syndrome, often not
have such a degree of severity as with a low-intelligent autism
Development. Egocentrism with a small or complete lack of desire or
the ability to interact with peers is distinctive
Sign of violation. Characteristic are social naivety,
Excessive truthfulness and embarrassment after comments made
unfamiliar adults or children.

Although there is not a single feature that all people would share
Asperger Syndrome, difficulties with behavior in society almost
universal, and probably the most important criterion that
Determines this state. People with Asperger syndrome have no
natural ability to see and feel the subtext of social
interaction. As a result, a person with Asperger syndrome can,
For example, offend those around them in their own words, although it is not at all
I was going to insult anyone: it just does not feel the boundaries of the permitted
in this situation. Often people with Asperger syndrome are also unable
transfer your own emotional state.

Nautical people are able to receive a large amount of information about
cognitive (mental) and emotional state of other people,
Based on the context of communication, facial expression and body language, but
people with Asperger syndrome this ability is not developed. This is still sometimes
Call «Social blindness» - Impossibility to create a model of thoughts
Other mind in your. It is difficult for them or it is impossible to understand what exactly
Another person means if he does not speak directly (that is «to read
between the lines»). It is not because they can't come up with an answer, but
Because they can not choose between possible answers, - Individual with
«Social blindness» can't collect enough information to
do it, or does not know how to interpret the collected information.

Social difficulties of people with Asperger Syndrome
People with Asperger Syndrome «Blinds» in relation to other gestures and
shades of speech, so notice only what was said, and in
literal sense. For example, a person may not feel strangers
bodily borders and stand too close, literally «Navisaya» over
interlocutor, and causing that irritation.

Together with this difficulty «Reading» other people's non-verbal (disadvantaged)
messages, most people with Asperger syndrome exists
The difficulty of expressing their own emotional state with
«Body language», expressions of the face and intonation to the extent in which
these are capable most people. They have the same, or even stronger
emotional reactions than most people (although they are not always
emotionally react to the same things), difficulty - in expression
emotions, although the external observer may seem that they are deprived of emotions.

Many people with Asperger syndrome may have difficulty with
«contact eye». Many look very little in the eyes, because it
emotionally overloads them; Others look into the eyes of non-modest,
«Stripping» a look that may seem discomfort
Other people. The view is mostly unusual, and Asperger himself emphasized
his fixed nature, due to the fact that people with syndrome
Asperger at the moment of sight on another person is triggered
brain, which usually perceives visual signals when looking at
inanimate object. Gestalkulation can also be almost absent
Or, on the contrary, look exaggerated and inappropriate.

It is also worth noting that since the syndrome is classified as
spectral disorder, some people with Asperger syndrome can
have an almost normal ability to interpret facial expression and
other subtle forms of communication. However, most people with syndrome
Asperger is not gifted by this ability of nature. They have to
learn social skills with the help of intelligence, resulting in
Social development is delayed.

According to some scientists, many social difficulties of autists
more correctly describe as mutual misunderstanding between the autists and
Naautical. As an autistist is difficult to understand the body language of the nonautical and
Naoutuist is difficult to understand the body language of the autista. Some autists
argue that the language of the body of other autists to understand much easier than
Language of the Body Naouth. In this case, the misunderstanding between the autists and
Nauticals can be compared with misunderstanding between people of different cultures.
At least in some cases, «Lack of social skills»
Maybe just reluctance to communicate with other people. Even
A person cannot interpret the expression of the face and T. D., reluctance
communicate can be an additional factor. If the Naautist can
consciously avoid communicating with a certain person because of evil,
who caused him or moral considerations, then a person with
Asperger's syndrome may not want to communicate with anyone but maybe,
some one person about which he is very high.

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