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    About this disease goes mass of superstitions, prejudices and
    People's fantasies. Like, if obkurilis sick smoke, let it be. Or this
    disease virtually guarantees sterility recover her boy. And she
    terrible that almost always becomes meningitis. Like it or not, let us
    face it.

    First, why the "pig"? Because of the "beauty" that disease
    It leads to the patient: it swell
    face and neck, eye slits are narrow - the similarity with the grunt cutie,
    as they say, on the face. The doctor, seeing such beauty, say that it is - an epidemic
    mumps. And it's really hard and fraught with consequences of the disease.

    In 1934, it was proved the viral nature and isolated
    The virus causing the problem. mumps virus turned out to be a distant relative of a flu virus.

    Mumps - One of the most common infectious diseases.
    infection, like many others, by airborne droplets. Sick
    during the last days of the incubation period (11-23 days) in the beginning
    disease and 5
    days after the onset of symptoms. The virus is shed in saliva. Available
    the virus through an infected household items, toys. Registered
    intrauterine infection with a virus. Infections are more prone children 3-15
    (Boys get sick and a half times more often), but sick adults to
    forty years.
    As usual, they carry much heavier pig.

    The pathogen affects
    mainly salivary gland, endocrine and nervous systems. He quickly killed
    in the environment, but at low temperatures for a long time is able to
    stay active. That is why the peak incidence in the fall and
    winter. Once on the mucosa of the upper respiratory tract, the tonsils, the causative agent of mumps
    multiplies, it enters the bloodstream and spreads throughout the body, accumulating in
    salivary glands and sex.

    Symptoms of mumps

    What is mumps
    The disease begins
    sharply. The temperature rises to 38-39 ° and above. It appears swelling
    and soreness glands near the ears, first, as a rule, on the one hand, and
    1-2 days - and the other. Intoxication expressed moderately: the child is weak,
    complains of a headache, and sometimes - in the tooth, pain in the ears and joints.
    Swelling of affected glands kept 5-7 days, sometimes longer, but it may take
    and much faster. Suppuration glands are observed. Along with swelling
    glands passes and malaise. These are classical symptoms occurring
    most cases. Sometimes mumps is not marked with the signs of defeat
    salivary glands. In this case, it is suspected that the disease is difficult.

    Inflammation of the salivary glands - unpleasant, but not fatal.
    However, mumps is dangerous for its complications.
    Thank God, they are rare and primarily in patients with CNS disease.

    rarely is enough to develop orchitis, epididymitis, oophoritis,
    mastitis, Bartholinitis, prostatitis, and pancreatitis. The sex glands are extremely
    rarely, if sick - adults or older children (during sex

    When orchitis there is a pain in the testicles, which gives in
    groin, sometimes pain along the spermatic cord. The testicle increases
    sizes, becomes dense, painful, swollen scrotum. Orchitis can
    develop both alone and in conjunction with the defeat of the salivary glands.
    Complication can be infertility.

    Pancreatitis usually been mild. In severe cases,
    accompanied by severe abdominal pain, vomiting, intestinal disorders,
    decreased appetite.

    CNS involvement with mumps appears serous meningitis
    in more severe cases of meningoencephalitis. After encephalitis, meningoencephalitis
    can be observed paresis, paralysis and loss of the inner ear that
    It leads to deafness. Cases of optic nerve atrophy. One consolation -
    This happens very rarely.

    Treatment of mumps

    Treatment: patients with mumps, is mild, and
    moderately severe disease are treated at home. obligation
    hospitalization subject to children with severe disease and all patients with
    CNS, pancreatitis and orchitis.

    After this illness produces strong immunity. Cases of re
    the disease is very rare, but still happen. Infants are passive immunity
    (Obtained from the mother) to mumps during the first 6 months of life.

    The most reliable
    method of prevention for adults - vaccination with live vaccine.

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