What is acetonemic syndrome


  • Acetional syndrome
  • How to recognize
  • What to do

  • Kid has a high temperature, vomiting, dehydration and, as a result, «ambulance» And a few hours under the drip. To cope with acetional syndrome at home, you need to act quickly and clearly.

    Acetional syndrome

    Acetional syndrome is a specific reaction of the body of young children, due to purine exchange disorders (elevated uric acid concentration in the body).

    Provoke such a state virus infections, food loads («Heavy», Unusual dishes), overeating, psycho-emotional stress.

    Doctors noticed that acetonemia are more prone to kids with a specific type of physique: thin, usually lagging behind the peers in weight. Besides easily excitable and inquisitive «Accidental». Usually, the first attacks appear in two-three-year-old CROs, they are rapidly participating to seven years and completely disappear by the 12th anniversary.

    Unfortunately, at an early stage, acetonemic syndrome is difficult to reveal independently. If the doctor has insisted on hospitalization, agree without thinking. Stubborn vomiting leads to dehydration of the body and loss of salts, which entails heavy consequences. Take into the hospital everything you need for myself and kid. Whether it is ready for the fact that the child will be dripped. The baby will introduce intravenously saline, glucose and will give a controversial.

    How to recognize

    • multiple or indomitable vomiting (it provokes even an attempt to drink or feed the child)
    • Dehydration and intoxication (skin pallor with a characteristic blush, muscle hypotension)
    • Anxiety and excitement
    • At the beginning of the crisis, lethargy is replaced, weakness, drowsiness
    • Weakening of cardiac tones, tachycardia, arrhythmia
    • Catching or stubborn abdominal pains, nausea
    • Enlargement of the liver for 1-2 cm, saving several days
    • Increase body temperature up to 37.5-38.5 °C, sometimes - above
    • Availability in the urine, vomiting masses, exhaled air odor of acetone

    What to do

    When our children are suddenly falling, we are often lost, we do not know for what to get enough and where to run. In order to keep the clarity of thoughts in a difficult moment and to help the child, act strictly according to our plan.

    What is acetonemic syndromeExclude the possibility of appendicitis - with it there is a latency of the chair and the child does not allow to touch the tummy. If there are doubts, it is better to call a doctor. Forcing the kid to drink every 5 minutes on a teaspoon.

    Start with alkaline drink (use bicarbonate sodium water - «Luzhanskaya», «Polyana Kvassov», «Borjomi»). We sing a child until vomiting. If it does not stop for 3 hours, causing «ambulance».

    • Clean the intestine with the help of the enema - you will need a 2 percent soda solution (teaspoon of food soda on a glass of warm water). But remember it can be done if a child has a sufficiently soft belly and a chair is present! Usually after the enema, the temperature drops - and the baby becomes better.
    • After the cessation of vomiting you can focus a sweet compote from dried fruits: for the restoration of the strength, he needs glucose.
    • In parallel, prepare a solution of the region (during the day, make a baby to drink in a sip near the liter of a salt-water liquid).
    • Put the baby in the bed or naughs foul on your hands - he needs bed regime.
    • We will have to spill 6-12 hours (this does not concern children on breastfeeding). If a child is asked to eat earlier, it can be fed up a little.
    • Observing a diet, gradually add new products (focus on the child's well-being), in 5-6 days the diet should become quite diverse, and in two weeks the baby will be able to go to the usual power mode.

    Be sure to advise with your doctor: Perhaps the pediatrician and the gastroenterologist will have individual guidance on the nutrition and the lifestyle of your child.

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