Suicide, types of suicidal behavior


  • What is suicide
  • Types of suicidal behavior

  • What is suicide

    A person is solved for suicide when under the influence of those
    Or other circumstances, its existence loses its meaning. But his
    loss - although the necessary, but not sufficient condition of suicidal
    Behavior. Need another reassessment of death. Death must be acquired
    a certain meaning, and then the idea of ​​it can turn into
    Purpose of activities. And finally, often events pushing suicide,
    Apply a powerful blow to human values.

    Decision to commit
    Suicide is an act of moral choice. Having preference
    suicide, a person relates his motive and result, takes
    yourself responsibility for self-destruction or shifting this
    Responsibility on others. Anyway, when a person suicide,
    it sees it is not just an action leading to death, but also a certain
    Act, serving «Message» For people causing their attitude, evaluation
    And opinions.

    Numerous observations give reason to assert,
    that even with true suicides (that is, those whose goal is not
    is blackmail), their immediate goal - the cessation of life - in
    most cases do not coincide with the motives of suicide behavior.
    Suicide is as if a tool serving other, superior
    motive, and not deadly, but quite life. Paradox suicide
    lies in the fact that the cessation of life is filled for suicides
    Moral and psychological meaning. However, this is not so paradox.
    If suicide did not make sense, like all other behavioral
    acts, then it would not be a murder of yourself, that is, a conscious act.

    Types of suicidal behavior

    There are five basic types of suicide meaning: «protest», «Call», «avoid», «Self-telling», «refusal».

    «Protest» - This desire to punish offenders, cause them to harm at least the fact of their own death.

    - This is a cry for help, about lack of attention. The meaning of suicide such
    kind - to cause his death sympathy, compassion for others.

    puts the goal to get away from suffering or punishment. For example,
    Poured a bullet in the forehead man who cleaned public treasury.

    - Something like a dialogue of two «I»: Judges and the defendant. Moral meaning
    Suicide such - the redemption of guilt («No, after such a act I am not
    takes live»).

    «Refusal»: Here is a goal
    suicide and behavior motive almost coincide, and therefore the meaning
    self-destruction can be characterized as a complete surrender.

    Suicide, types of suicidal behavior
    The selected types of suicidal behavior are analogs of common
    strategies in conflict situations, and that they correspond to the same types
    Moral and psychological positions of the personality: protest and accusations
    others; call to help; evasion fighting and escape from
    difficulties; self-evidence; refusal.

    Analyze the individual style of behavior and resolution of conflicts
    many, it becomes clear that in the life situations of their reaction usually
    Top to the type of solutions they chose as

    Crisis States preceding suicide,
    can be called «overlapping» Sources of life meaning: happens
    blockade of life goals, an idea of ​​the impossibility of self-realization,
    gap meanwhile «must» and the fact that there is, between your own and
    surrounding life. As a result, life makes life sense, interest
    To life, prospects, and therefore - and incentives for activities.
    There is an alienation and hopelessness, a feeling of tremies and
    hopelessness of life.

    Such states may occur not only
    As a result, one serious traumatic event, but also as a result
    A series of vital difficulties.

    So, the main mechanism,
    Specific suicidal behavior and a triggering suicide act - this is inversion (revolution) of relations to life and death. Life is loss
    all degrees of positive relationship and perceived only negative,
    While death changes his sign with a negative on
    positive. From this point on, the formation of the goal
    suicide and development of its implementation plan.

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