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  • What are adhesions?
  • Adhesions in girls: the reasons are not only on the surface
  • The terrible adhesions?
  • Adhesions in girls: the symptoms that should be noted mom
  • Treatment of adhesions in girls: the operation - only as a last resort

  • Diseases of the genital organs of young girlsthere are not so rare. Abnormalities of the genitals, vulvovaginitis and adhesions of the labia minora - common problems of childhood, forcing parents to contact a gynecologist.

    What are adhesions?

    Symptoms of adhesions in girls and symptomsAdhesions, or fusion of the labia minora are found in 10% of girls are found aged 1-2 years. However, it can be argued that the diseaseIt spreads much wider. In most cases it is asymptomatic, the age of sexual maturity takes place independently and parents of girls do not go to the doctor.

    Labia - two thin skinfolds on either side of the vaginal opening, covered by the labia majora. Outside the labia are covered with the finest soft leather that girls inflamed at the slightest irritation. Damp, fever and a closed state of the entrance to the vagina predisposes patients to infection and maintains its existence.

    Just as in the abdominal cavity inflammation causes the formation of adhesions, vulvar infection leads to fusion of the labia minora.

    Adhesions in girls: the reasons are not only on the surface

    It is believed that the formation of adhesions in girls helps Low levels of estrogen. Perhaps some role playingheredity and pregnancy, girls whose mothers had a fusion of the labia, preeclampsia and intrauterine infection during pregnancy are at greater risk.

    The main causes of adhesions include:

    • foul intimate health girls, leading to the development of vulvitis;
    • a rare change of diapers and diaper, which leads to irritation of the genitals and urinary vaginal discharge;
    • the use of close synthetic underwear;
    • atopic dermatitis (diathesis), Accompanied by a rash in the perineum and vulva;
    • cleaning the girls soap solutions, the application of creams fragrances, dyes, zinc oxide;
    • Availability comorbidities Urinary tract and abnormalities of the genital organs;
    • metabolic disordersFor example, diabetes, and intestinal dysbiosis and helminth invasion.

    The terrible adhesions?

    In 80% of cases are asymptomatic adhesions and tested independently, once in the bodygirl begins to form a sufficient amount of estrogen. However, the fusion of the labia in the external opening of the urethra can cause difficulty urinating. Urine is retained in the form a "pocket", getting into the vagina, irritating the delicate tissues of the genitals, causing inflammation and supports the girl's discomfort.

    Chronic vulvovaginal inflammation can initiate internal genital organs and in the future lead to infertility.

    Retention of urine promotes an ascending urinary tract infection, the development of pyelonephritis.

    Adhesions in girls: the symptoms that should be noted mom

    • Girl shows anxiety when urinating, refuses to sit on the potty.
    • Girl makes an effort, urine flow is directed upwards.
    • There are abnormal vaginal discharge.
    • Marked redness of the skin in the groin and external genitalia.
    • Visually noticeable presence of adhesions between labia.

    Adhesions appear as thin gray-white films, interconnecting the two labia. You do not have to be a doctor to see the deviation from the norm, provided, of course, that the mother knows how you like the genitals of the child.

    To identify the causes of adhesions need analyzes swabs from the vagina, general blood and urine, fecal bacteria overgrowth and worm eggs, scraping from the anus to the enterobiosis, a blood test for sugar. Call a doctor must!

    Treatment of adhesions in girls: the operation - only as a last resort

    The main method of treating adhesions in girlsconservative therapy is using cream containing the estrogenic hormones. It allows the appointment of estrogen break the vicious circle and creates optimal conditions for healing.

    The cream is applied topically with the estrogen. Apply it is recommended that a finger, light massage movements, aiming at the region of fusion of the labia minora. Typically, a two-week course of treatment is sufficient,the jaws are disconnected, then for a week cream used 1 time per day, replacing it with a neutral skin care child no fragrances, dyes and preservatives.

    Topical application of a cream with estrogen safely for a little girl. Pigmentation of the vulva, the hair growth in this area, breast engorgement are rare and are alone, not affecting the health of the child.

    In the absence of effect of conservative treatment resort to surgery - Mechanical separation of adhesions. Afraid of the operation is not necessary, it is performed under local anesthesia with the use of gentle techniques. Postoperatively appointed local ointments therapy containing estrogen for rapid tissue repair.

    The success of the treatment of adhesions in girls largely depends on thorough and competent performance of the doctor's recommendations regarding the use of drugs and hygiene. During treatment of hormone ointment girl need to show the doctor 1 time in 10 days. After treatment, the child should be observed throughout the year, which includes monthly visits to the doctor.

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