Acute appendicitis in children: causes


Acute appendicitis in children: causesWhy some children have a worm-shaped process in early childhood, and some people live with him all their lives and do not have discomfort? Why this is a very common surgical disease occurs not all?

A conversation about acute appendicitis in children is appropriate to start with the description of its symptoms and the causes of occurrence. The pathogenesis of acute appendicitis is represented by two theories:

  • nervous vascular concept — explains the occurrence of inflammation of the spasm of blood vessels and smooth muscles, which leads to a violation of the power of the walls of the process and even to its necrosis.
  • The theory of stagnation is based on the presentation of the deterioration of the lymphatic outflow, which leads to the edema and swelling of the tissue of the process.

Classification of acute appendicitis

In its development, the disease passes three consecutive stages of development:

  • Catarova — manifests itself with swelling and redness of the mucous membrane;
  • The phlegmonic stage is characterized by purulent inflammation of all layers of a draft-like process;
  • gangrenoz — Infected deep destructive changes in the entire wall of the process with ulcerations and perforations.

What are the signs of acute appendicitis? The disease usually begins with abdominal pain, which is very tangible in the octopuspical or epigastric area. Vomiting occurs, the body temperature rises to 38c and the pulse increases. There is a violation of the intestinal function, that the child can manifest a stool delay or vice versa — diarrhea. It feels the tension of the muscles of the abdominal wall and a strong pain during palpation, more often on the right side of the iliac region. With the strengthening of abdominal pain when the hand from the abdominal wall is marked with the symptom of Brush-Blumberg.

On signs of acute appendicitis in children

On signs of acute appendicitis in childrenThe attack of the child usually begins with noticeably growing concerns and sleep loss. The child is very disturbing with the change of position, turns around with a hacker, fading the legs, complains of pain. And how can you condemn mom, who wants to help him, applies a hot heater to the stomach, gives painkillers and is in no hurry to cause a doctor? «And suddenly it will cost?», she thinks in excitement and remembers what else knows from «folk recipes» about how to learn abdominal pain. This is the biggest mistake of the parents, because the heat causes a tide of blood and accelerates the process of inflammation. Any painkillers for some time will lead away from the true painting of the disease, creating a picture of imaginary well-being. When parents pull to the last and do not cause «Ambulance» They forget about what is fraught with inflammation of the process. Acute appendicitis may be accompanied by heavy, life-threatening complications: intra-abdominal abscesses, peritonitis, pylephlebit, intestinal fistula, intra-abdominal bleeding. Because of what such complications may develop? The answer is simple: gangrene or perforation of a worm-shaped process is the reason for the delay of parents with the first aid child.

Surgical Help — urgent care

Treatment of acute appendicitis — This is a surgical operation that can be performed by various methods. Children's surgery today — This is a highly developed industry of medical science, the development and development of which the state provides serious material support, realizing that children — This is the future of the country. The operation can be performed by the traditional surgical method: incision in the ileum and removal of the inflamed process or by a modern seamless operation using high-tech equipment. The advantage of the laparoscopic method is small traumaticity and external aesthetics, which is important for a young growing body. The recovery period after the standard operation is 7-8 days, and after laparoscopy — 3-5 days.

During the recovery after any operation, the diet remains very important. It is advisable for the first day without food, you can only make lips with water. On the second and third day, frequent fractional nutrition, low-fat broth, the consistency of products should be in the form of a puree or jelly. Parents need to understand that diet — This is the protection of the healing wound and favorable conditions for intestinal peristals.

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