Acute abscess


  • What is an acute abscess?
  • Causes of acute abscess
  • Manifestation paraproctitis
  • forms paraproctitis
  • paraproctitis Treatment
  • Prevention paraproctitis

  • There are diseases to which the patient prefersnot apply to others. Despite the pain and deterioration of health, he pretends that he's all right, hiding from others their true condition. And only when the unbearable pain and severe weakness, he decided to visit a doctor. All of this can be attributed to people ill paraproctitis.

    What is an acute abscess?

    This is an acute inflammation of the tissue around the rectum and anus, which is associated with the presence of the infection in the wall of the rectum.

    Causes of acute abscess

    Paraproctitis infections caused by various species- Escherichia coli, streptococci, enterococci, staphylococci, anaerobic bacilli, etc. Microbes enter the tissue through the rectum cracks in its wall or the anus wall, hemorrhoids and mucosal lesions. By mechanical damage can result in scratching of the skin, too intense anal sex.

    Manifestation paraproctitis

    Symptoms of acute abscess:

    Several different depending onlocalization of festering hearth. However, the main feature of it is the occurrence of painful dense infiltration, located near the anus. Among abscess symptoms can also be called the temperature rise, and general weakness.

    forms paraproctitis

    Acute abscessThere are the following forms of abscess:

    Subcutaneous. Abscesses are located near the anus. Sudden pain, swelling and redness of the skin.

    Submucosa. Ulcers are localized in the submucosal layer of the rectum. The pains are not as intense. The diagnosis is not difficult.

    Sciatic-rectal. It characterized by severe general phenomena. Localized in tissue ischiorectal pits process extends outwards and upwards to the prostate gland in men, capturing with pelvic tissue. There have been intense throbbing pain, high fever with chills, perineal edema, severe intoxication.

    Pelvic, rectal. Quite rare. First occurs without overt signs.

    Retrorektalnaya. Abscesses occur in the case of entry of microbes in the lymph nodes. The disease begins sharp pain in the rectum, high temperature, severe general condition.

    paraproctitis Treatment

    Tactics of treatment is chosen depending on,at what stage the treatment started. If the abscess is not yet formed, it is recommended to use seating hot tubs (two to four per day). In addition, the doctor must prescribe antibiotics.

    If an abscess has formed, the surgeon makes an incision on it. This operation requires care that is not damaged anal sphincter.

    A characteristic feature is its recurrent abscess and for the transition to the chronic phase.

    In the case of neglected diseases may cause deeper damage and even fistula opening into the intestine. In such cases, do without surgery.

    Paraproctitis quite common in children andeven newborn. Often, his appearance caused by staphylococcus, which the child could be infected in the hospital. Therefore, in this case, doctors prescribe injections of gamma globulin antistaphylococcal.

    Prevention paraproctitis

    To protect themselves from this unpleasant andpainful disease, you need to seriously approach to the treatment of hemorrhoids, anal fissures and rectal cancer. For the treatment of fractures traditional methods can be used, for example, trays with various herbs, ointments and so on.

    If you have mechanicaldamage to the rectum and anus, be sure to visit the doctor. Remember that from such damage is close to the abscess. A paraproctitis, in turn, may contribute to tumor development.

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